Monday, April 30, 2012


Oops, I did it again... I haven't posted anything new for ages. I still read all your blogs in my Google reader, leave a comment from time to time, but somehow didn't post much myself. There are reasons, personal and other. Someone (don't remember who, when or where) blamed Facebook for being a blog-killer. I don't agree fully, but I must admit it takes time away from blogging. I still think a blog has another and/or added value, so I want to breathe new life into mine! I'll just start anew. :) If you have any questions, suggestions or requests about me, my blog or anything else... just let me know!

For now I'd like to share some pics with you... Click on the pic above the story to visit the album.

Last month Ron and I got tickets for a Re-enactment Weekend on Forteiland, a fortified island at the mouth of the harbour in IJmuiden. Lots of re-enactors were portraying German troops, French resistance, Dutch soldiers  etc. from (mainly) WWII. We enjoyed ourselves very much and made a lot of pictures.

Just like last year we took Arwen (& Foofur) to the Berner Sennen Beach Meeting in Noordwijk. This time 79 Bernese Mountain-dogs, 5 other dogs and 146 people came together and walked along the beach. Such a magnificent sight! Again we made lots of pics and 2 short video's.