Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

First of all, happy new year to everyone who reads this! All the best to you and yours for the coming year (and after). 2006 wasn't exactly my year. I hope 2007 will bring positive and happy things. I'm all ready for it!

New Year's Eve we wanted to stay at home, because it was the first time for Freyja and Bastet. We didn't know yet how they would react to the fireworks. Our former cats weren't afraid or just hid until it was over. Both the dogs are pretty scared. Wonder and his girlfriend took them to the beach in the afternoon where they could walk without the banging of fireworks.
We had invited 6 friends to dinner and to spend the evening with us. Wonder and Ron prepared a delicious dinner. As a starter we had shrimp cocktail (soup for the vegetarians / non-fish eaters). Main course: grilled salmon with mustard sauce (veggieburger / steaks with mushroom sauce), broccoli and baked potatoes. Dessert: Viennetta (ice cake) with whipped cream. Yummy!!
We had a very pleasant evening together. Sometimes I felt sad because of mum. We had our own little routine for New Year's Eve. She always wanted to stay at home alone, but I brought her something in the afternoon, called her and after midnight we walked to her home to wish her happy new year. I missed her and dad so much, but I didn't let it spoil my evening. Whenever I needed it, someone saw it and gave me a hug.
At midnight we hugged and kissed and wished each other a very happy new year. I cried. Outside the fireworks burst out. I put Foofur and Boris in the little hall under the stairs, where it was dark and sounds seemed farther away. Freyja and Bastet weren't impressed. At the most they pointed their ears to the banging. No worries there.
We had no firework, but Wonder had brought his stuff for fire-spitting. He has done that more often, but Ron had never seen it. The wind was tricky and a bit dangerous, but it was spectacular to say the least. The neighbours were impressed too. Afterwards we sat inside and talked. Some went for a walk. When everyone went home (or to bed) Ron and I cleared away the mess so we wouldn't have to do everything this morning. I was in bed around half past 3.

pictures: IJs


  1. gelukkig nieuwjaar!
    Wat fijn dat je ondanks je verlies dit jaar, toch de mensen om je heen had die om je geven, en zonder aangeven weten wanneer je ze nodig hebt.
    Ik wens je in dit nieuwe jaar veel voorspoed en magie in je leven toe.
    Dikke knuffel!

  2. I just dropped by to say Happy New Year

  3. Anonymous2/1/07 17:58

    Hey lieve Tink,

    Ik heb het ook niet droog gehouden hoor. Het is toch zo anders... Er was gelukkig iemand in de groep met wie wij het vierden, die haar moeder een aantal jaren terug had verloren en het zo goed begreep. Vreemd, hoe je tegelijk zo verdrietig en je zo warm kunt voelen.

    De beste wensen lieverd, en dat we elkaar ook dit jaar weer mogen zien.



  4. Gelukkig nieuw jaar! Voor mij was het ook allemaal heel anders, ik heb de oliebollen en de nieuwjaarsconferentie echt gemist. Nu zat ik in de kroeg met m'n lief en een stel vrienden, en om 12 uur werd er een cdeetje met Big Ben opgezet om af te tellen.. Vreeeeeemd! Daarna de party poppers en elkaar gelukkig nieuw jaar wensen en dat was 't dan... Heb deze avond niet gehuild, maar 2e Kerstdag zijn er heel wat traantjes geplengd. M'n zusjes waren namelijk zo lief om een zelfgebakken cd met o.a. Guus Meewis' Brabant te sturen........

  5. Sounds like a beautiful evening.
    HAPPY 2007

  6. Happy New Year, Tink--

    It's very interesting to see how people in other countries celebrate the New Year.

    We were dull and boring and did nothing. My husband watched football, and I read a book and went to bed at eleven.


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