Wednesday, January 03, 2007


A few days ago I found a website to which I'm already addicted now: LibraryThing! It is an online service to help people catalog their books easily. You can access your catalog from anywhere, even on your mobile phone. Because everyone catalogs together, LibraryThing also connects people with the same books, comes up with suggestions for what to read next, and so forth. If you like books, it is really worthwhile to check it out. I find new features every day.
Joining is easy: just a (nick)name and password are required. A free account allows you to catalog up to 200 books. A paid account ($10 for a year or $25 for a lifetime) allows you to catalog any number of books.
Adding books can be done easily:
  1. adding manually
  2. search libraries from other members and simply click "add to my library"
  3. search 80 sources around the world (Amazon, all kinds of libraries, etc.)
  4. import books (by uploading, URL or source code - for example BookCrossing, Amazon)

I've put a LT-widget in the sidebar of my log, that shows random books from My Library. The covers bring you to the Amazon website, the rest are links to LibraryThing.
I already joined some groups there too, in which I can meet other LT-ers with the same interest. There's even a little community of Dutch people already. Not a lot of Dutch sources yet, but I think that will change.

I hope to see you on LibraryThing!
(and no, I don't get paid for this, I really like it that much!)


  1. Klinkt heel erg leuk, ik ga er ook eens rondsnuffelen!
    Iedere keer sta ik weer verbaasd als ik een boek wat ik al heel lang wil lezen, gewoon blijk te hebbeb...of zoals onlangs op de BBC the Ruby in the Smoke te zien was, en iedere keer gingen er bellen rinkelen bij die titel; bleek ik die ook te hebben - ook nooit gelezen.
    Ach ja, boeken zijn nou eenmaal geweldig :)

  2. I much prefer, just because it's free & I can easily control what books show up on my site that I'm currently reading.

    I couldn't begin to catalog all my books anyway. I'd have to devote an entire weekend.

  3. This sounds great, though Angela's sounds even better, free is a good word.


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