Monday, January 08, 2007

Moving Wonder

Last Friday Wonder moved from Breda to Den Haag (The Hague). Very early Ron, Leo (my brother-in-law) and I drove to Breda. Unfortunately we were the only ones there to help. There was a lot of last things still to be packed; that kept us busy for hours. Then all the boxes and other stuff had to be walked to the elevator, load elevator, go down, empty elevator, walk outside, load removal truck and all over again. By the time everything was finally loaded into the truck, the four of us were worn out! The people moving into his old flat had left us something to eat and drink when they went back. The piece of chocolate I got tasted like heaven!
Ron was driving the removal truck and I was with him. It was very special to him. He has his driver's license for trucks, but it's not his daily work. He has fond memories though, because his father was a truck driver and he went with him very often. His father has died in 1996, but he was with us in the cabin. Ron felt it too. I know his father is very proud of him.
First we drove to Wonder's mother to collect a leather couch. She had made vegetable soup and sandwiches for us. Ron emptied a bottle of pop to quench his thurst. By then it was past 4pm, high time to leave for Den Haag. Wonder tried to get some more people to help over there, but we got only one man extra to unload in Den Haag. Not enough by far, but the truck had to be back that day, so there was no choice but to start. The new apartment is on the second floor, first a long straight flight of stairs and then a long one with a twist. I think you get the picture... When the truck was empty we sat down for a while, drove the truck back to Breda and were home around 1am. Needless to say we all were exhausted, empty and feeling like a wreck.
I knew I would do too much during the move; I had taken that into consideration. It turned out to be way beyond my capability. I have gone too far for too long, so now I have to pay. Over the weekend I have only slept and stayed on the couch. Saturday my throat started to hurt and my voice got worse. Since yesterday my voice is completely gone. Today I feel a bit better though. I won't complain too much; I know why I did it and it was my own choice to do so.
Still, the new apartment is a lovely place to live! I had been there before with Wonder, the old occupants are friends of us. It feels good and it matches Wonder perfectly. It was hard for him to leave the old flat, but he will make this his own little paradise again.


  1. I'm glad you got moved ok, once you get settled in be sure and post some photos so we can see the new surroundings

  2. ARG I hate moving... but but but.. you said LEATHER COUCH LOL

  3. En Breda lijkt me juist zo'n leuke stad om te wonen...
    Doe rustig aan verder en ik vind het toch heel wat dat je ondanks dat je wist dat je zo uitgeput zou raken, meehielp. Echte vriendschap.


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