Friday, January 26, 2007


Ron and I haven't had a real holiday for a couple of years. All our extra money goes into the rebuilding of our home. Ron still doesn't feel better and he really needs a break from daily life.
Last week we got the e-mail newsletter of Centerparcs. They are having last-minute winter sales with very interesting discounts and we decided to have a go! We've booked a midweek in February, in a cottage in De Eemhof. We've been there for our honeymoon in 1995. It's not too far from here and the village is great. We are sooo looking forward to it!!

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  1. Have fun! Ik weet wat het is, zou zelf ook wel weer eens op vakantie willen, maar nu met die auto zit het er dit (en de komende jaren ook waarschijnlijk) niet in.
    Ik hoop dat je geniet, en dat jullie allebij lekker tot rust komen!


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