Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Working with experience

This afternoon I started with the course "Working with your own experience". I'm working on setting up an aftercare group for people who have/had BED (Binge Eating Disorder) and I'm a member of a pool with people who use their own experience to help others. My "experience fields" are eating disorders and depression. Last week I had an intake with the two course leaders.
The group consists of 9 people. Everyone has experience as a client in the mental health care system, but with different symptoms / illnesses. The course will help us to put our own experience to good use in different situations. There will be 12 course afternoons from 1 to 4.
Today's theme and aim was to get to know each other. We got several assignments. In one of them I mentioned that I'm a witch. Some people were interested, some tacitly accepted it, but one man clearly didn't take me seriously. He made a 'joke' too. Ah well, there will always be reactions like that... They don't hurt me anymore, I shrug my shoulders and let it be. No use or need to explain it to someone like that, waisted energy. Otherwise it's a nice man, nobody's perfect. ;-) All in all it was a very tiring but interesting and worthwhile afternoon.


  1. How wonderful to pool a group of peoples experience together to use with each other. I am sorry to hear in such an environment someone would make a joke about someone's belief system or spirituality...but you are a good sport and let it go. Good for you. I would ry too but might be inclined to share some experience with bring a print out about Wicca next meeting heh heh for him.

    One thing is about Europe and North America ther isn't a lot of emphasis on spiritual thinking that incorporates nature...his reaction is typical of people who are logi c based.

    Apparently the New York Times had a science article today about "magical thinking" and how it benefits us...I should go see if I can find it online....

  2. Was it this one?


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