Thursday, January 18, 2007

TT #25: If you say...

Thirteen words to describe me

In a course (don't remember which one) we did a little game called "If you say" to describe someone. The leader started with "If you say (person X), you say....". The person next to him would answer with one word or little phrase to associate person X with and so did everyone in the circle. This is what they said about me:
If you say Cora, you say...

  • Tink or Tinkerbell - Easy, that's my nick and I listen to it as good as I listen to my real name. Some people don't even know my real name.
  • cats - I love all animals, pets and otherwise, but I've always been a cat person.
  • Ron - My other half! :-) We are together for more than half my life. We do a lot together, we belong together.
  • blue jeans - I rarely wear something else; only if I really have to or for a very special occasion!
  • computer - Yep, I'm addicted! I do everything I possibly can on the computer. I love to surf, mail, blog, etc. It is a necessity of life for me.
  • witch - my way of life, my religion or whatever you want to call it: it's me!
  • books - I'm a bookworm and have lots and lots of books, all read and most of them several times.
  • Robbie Williams - I don't think there is anyone that knows me but doesn't know that I'm a Robbie-fan.
  • lists - I like to keep track of a lot of things and make lists to do so. I use Excel and am very punctual in keeping everything up-to-date.
  • finance - My original profession is accountant. I'm good with money, check everything twice. I like numbers, digits, figures, numerals...
  • natural - Meant in the sense of "no make-up", also called WYSIWYG. I rarely use make-up. I don't like it, I have a very sensitive skin and it's just not me.
  • trees - I love nature: beach, forest.. everything, but I have a special bond with trees.
  • camera - When there is a special occasion or trip or event, I always bring my digital camera. I like to make pictures all the time.


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  1. I am constently carrying my camera with me. I think my son gets sick of it sometimes. It has paid off because one time I was in the mall, and one of my favorite baseball players was there signing autographs. I was able to get a picture with him! :)

  2. Very cool list! My cousin has the same name... not too many with the name "Cora." :) I might steal this idea for next week...

  3. nice description of you Tink. you sound like a lovely person and witch. thanks for visiting my T13
    The Witch Dr is IN

  4. Very nice! And when I say Think I say, 'calm'.
    Don't know why, but there is always a certain serenity about you I think.

  5. Good list! #5, #7, #9, & #10 describe me as well.

  6. Great list! What a terrific idea for Thursday Thirteen. :) Nice to learn some more about you.

    You asked if I plan on doing any races in the Netherlands. We might head to The Hague in March for a half-marathon. Either there or Prague, we haven't decided yet.

    Thanks for stopping by and happy T13. :)

  7. I wish I was better at taking pictures. I love having them, but never seem to remember my camera.

    Great list and thanks for stopping by my TT this week!

  8. Anonymous18/1/07 14:47

    Loved your list! "Cats" would be one of my words, too -- I'm a major cat purr-son. And yes, the name of my hubby -- he's my other half; we've been together ten years now and we are the best of friends.

    And computers, yes -- sometimes they drive me crazy, but I sure wouldn't want to be without mine!

    Happy TT to you! Mine's up, too. :)

  9. so yer a "money witch"!
    also ... dere'z a ron in mi howse also ... an hee'z mi mom'z "udder half"!
    ps--mi mom wantsta know wut book yer reedin an if u read "water for elephants" becuz dat'z wut her book groop iz reedin next!

  10. Great list! I like to learn about peoples.

  11. Books books books! That would be top on mine.

  12. You almost described me ! Except that I hate maths, don't do lists and love rocky mountains. But since I am retired my favourite "dress" are Jeans, I don't even have a skirt or dress any more ! For special occasions I have black trousers. Yes and blogging fills my life because if you don't have a hobby and you are retired then it gets very boring ! And of course I am a cat woman too.

  13. Tink I don't want to scare you but I think we might be the same person! {{Twilight Zone music engages}} esp on the jeans and no-make-up part :) When _I_ say "Tink" I say really fun blog!

  14. Very cool list. I love books too. It's getting to the point where I have more books than I have space for.

  15. computer - Yep, I'm addicted! I do everything I possibly can on the computer. I love to surf, mail, blog, etc. It is a necessity of life for me.

    THIS would be me....

  16. My TT was also inspired by something I did in a college course. How funny! And I can totally relate to the books, blue jeans, and natural stuff (I never wear makeup either).

    Happy TT!

  17. Very creative! Excellent TT :-)

  18. Ooh always an eyeopener to come by and isit your blog and learn more more. I am a cat person too, but love all kinds of pets and animals.

    Very intense and revealing list, really had fun reading it. I think it's so cute you are always in jeans...and how amazing the idea of you being an accountant and yet so spiritual in alternative religions or hobbies and beliefs. I think this really shows what an incredible person and complex personality you must have.

    I have been out of town on business and away from my desk and not even very often I'm so happy to get back to blogging and my lovely computer and my terrific TT list of blog friends. I missed ya!!!

    My list is finally up...I am still travel lagged and a slow poke today but making my rounds!!!


  19. I'm a computer addict too. They say the first step to recover is admitting it. Hope you have a great day.

  20. I find you so interesting! I'm a cat person, too. I grew up with dogs, but I've never had the kind of connection with dogs that I have with cats.

  21. What a great idea!! If I remember it I think I'll do it next week! (I'm pregnant, so thoughts come and go quite quickly ;)

  22. Jeans, camera, computer, books. Sounds like me (but I don't answer to Tink). I've also known the Tour Manager over half my life. Longer, actually!

    Happy TT!

  23. Very cool! I'm all about lists and Excel, too...thanks for stopping by my T-13 today!

  24. great list, you always do a great job of helping us to learn about you.

  25. I like numbers too! They relax me.

    I love my husband, cat, computer, books (I can't get enough!) and my digital camera.

    Plus I'm not wearing any makeup too.

  26. Tink. The name is fitting. You sound adorable.

    Excitement. Suspense. Passion

    Dark Water -- Samhain Publishing; Fall 2007

    PS. Come and check out some not so sweet and sweet thoughts at the latest TT -- 13 Things That Taste Good In Your Mouth

  27. wow. we have a lot in common: books, cats, no make-up, computer addict, lists... and i'm big-time interested in photography but don't have a camera at present. I also like trees a lot but if I had to pick a nature element I was most sympatico with it would be water in motion: surf, rapids, waterfalls, i can watch them forever.

    good list for getting to know you better

    my TT is about what the movie The Sound of Music means to me or the Impact of Story on a Life.

    happy TT

  28. Good list! I've been regretting not having my camera with me and bewailing the dead batteries when I have remembered it this week on many occasions when I've wanted to take pretty snowy hill pictures of Scotland....

  29. Cool! Almost like reading a description of myself :)

  30. hey tink - cool list. how are the cats? :) my 10th list is up - my hiatus is over ;)

  31. I think a lot of people must have taken the same psych course. This is a popular T13 today. I wonder what the odd are that some of you really did take the same course (at the same uni with the same prof)?

  32. Anonymous19/1/07 03:15

    Thanks for stopping in on my blog! I enjoyed learning more about you. I also loved the Wysiwyg pertaining to people--never heard that before.

  33. A great list--shows a lot about you!

  34. awesome list. i love your digital camera addiction... i have one too!

  35. Great TT! I learned a LOT about you in 13 words :)

  36. Better late than never:-)
    I like camera too.

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog!Welcome back any time.

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  37. You are an interesting person!

    Thanks for visiting my site.

  38. Great list, Tink. I too am a computer addict, and rarely go anywhere with out my camera.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care, Meow

  39. Yeah, that sounds like you. How long did these people know you before the question?
    Your card arrived last week: thank you so much! (Your card is still waiting to be send, I'm very ashamed to admit this, but I lost your address again.) My new years resolution is to finally get the card at your place!


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