Sunday, February 18, 2007

Back home

We are back home from a wonderful midweek in De Eemhof, a Centerparcs village in Zeewolde. Monday was a stressful day, but when we got there everything was okay. We decided to treat ourselves to a romantic dinner in Hamilton's Restaurant. The entourage was beautiful and the personnel very friendly. Ron had a "Spear of Fear", officially meant for two persons. I had a very tasty Mixed Grill. My Diet Coke was in a similar glass I have at home, but bigger: o,5 liter. Ron asked if we could buy one, but the waiter was kind enough to give us (a clean) one.

We had booked a cottage near the centre. The view on the back was great. Every evening we used the fireplace. The Market Square has changed a lot since we were there on our honeymoon in 1995. It is built like a little Mediterranean village with differences in height, fountains, plants and trees. Great place to be on Valentine's Day! There are shops, restaurants, a supermarket, cashpoint, service desk and the entrance to the Aqua Mundo. I hesitated a bit to go to the swimming pool, because I was thinking of myself walking in my swimsuit... Stupid, I know. Of course I did go after all. It was great with wave machine, outside pool, wild water rapid, whirlpool, big slides, etc. We've been there several times and enjoyed it very much.

The weather wasn't very good. Most of the time we had rain, lots of rain. But on Thursday we woke up and saw the sun! Ron jumped up to get his fishing gear. He chose a wonderful spot not too far from the cottage. He didn't catch a lot, but it's a great way to relax for him. Foofur and Boris loved it outside too.

After the fishing we walked to the Action Factory. We visited the games hall, where we did some games and let a machine draw our portrait. We had booked an hour on a bowling alley. Ron has done bowling for several years, I hadn't really done it before. The first round was (with a bit of luck) for me, Ron won the second.
Thursday evening we made dinner on the gourmet/raclette set with Wonder and Monique.

Friday morning we drove home. At first we would have another go in the Aqua Dome, but Ron's right ear had been blocked since the last time, so we decided to skip the swimming. He has tried all tricks to open it up again. At home I called our GP. Ron has to put drops of oil in his ear. We are still doing that, but it doesn't help.
I was glad to see the kittens again, I had missed them terribly. And... the computer! I had brought my laptop, but didn't have internet access in the village. Aaargh! Only now I'm catching up; I have been sleeping a lot since we are back home. Resting after a vacation! ;-)


  1. Ben blij dat jullie welverdiende vakantie lekker is verlopen!
    Wel vervelend dat Ron last heeft van zijn oor. Is het een ontsteking?

  2. Dank je! We zijn vanmorgen naar de huisarts geweest. Vanmiddag worden zijn oren uitgespoten en dan is het weer oké!

  3. Gelukkig maar, oorkwalen kunnen zeer pijnlijk zijn!


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