Friday, February 23, 2007

Robbie in rehab

When Robbie Williams is in the news, a lot of people around me think of me and tell me. Nothing different this time. On his 33rd birthday Rob checked himself in at the Meadows clinic in Wickenburg, Arizona. He is said to be addicted to prescription drugs (painkillers and anti-depressants). I first heard about it on the web and in a television celebrity magazine. Not exactly the best and most reliable sources, so I didn't believe it immediately. Now it's all over the net and in the media, also in more serious sources. His mother has confirmed it and there is an announcement on the official site, so it's true.
Poor Rob, I feel for him. The majority of articles is paparazzi-style: malicious pleasure, looking for sensation, speculations, insults, etc. So-called friends and old opponents, everyone seems to have an opinion. Leave the man alone! Who cares what Liam Gallagher thinks about it, or Gary Barlow, or whoever..? I'm disgusted to see so-called fans are joining in in the gossip scene too. I'd expect it from people that don't like Rob and/or his music, but from his own 'supporters'...? Luckily there are caring fans too; look at the YouTube video's at the end of this post.
I'm glad Rob reached out for the best professional help. He has defeated his demons before, I hope he'll do it again. Depression is hell. I've been there, still taking anti-depressants myself. His family and friends will be there for him and he'll need them. His real fans will give him a break and just wait for him.
I'm not under the illusion he'll be reading my blog, but I'll say it nevertheless: Rob, all my best and more. You've got my support for what it's worth. Take your time. Beat your demons and come back stronger and healthier than ever!

Get well Robbie!
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Get well soon Robbie Williams
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  1. So many celebrities spend most of their time in Rehab!


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