Sunday, February 04, 2007

Witchy Girls Night 8

Last night I went to the 8th Witchy Girls Night in Amsterdam. The theme was Imbolc and Luna had prepared the evening. Imbolc is the sabbath of Brigid, the Celtic goddess who in later times became revered as a Christian saint. The festival is called Imbolc or Oimelc, two names which refer to the lactation of the ewes, the flow of milk that heralds the return of the life-giving forces of spring. The colours are white and yellow. All the Witchy Girls wore white clothes, or at least a white shirt or something. The altar was also mainly white. In the middle stood a beautiful statue of the Triple Goddess (see also here). I had brought a little notecard with a cat that mum gave me not too long before she died, in which she tells me how much she loves me. I put it in the west direction (element water), where I was seated.

We did a simple ritual. The circle was cast from hand to hand, after which we passed energy round. That felt very powerful. We lit the tealights on the altar. Sorcha guided us through a pathworking, in which we met Brigid. She had a wonderful surprise for me; she had brought mum and dad! It was so great to see them and hug them. They are fine and told me it is time for me to move on. They'll always be with me; moving on doesn't mean I'll forget or neglect them. Too soon it was time to go back. I shared my experience with the others. I'm so grateful for this gift...
For libation we had 'slemp', warm milk with special ingredients (see the recipe I gave last Imbolc) and special bread from Luna's birth village in Italy. Delicious! There also was milk with honey. While eating and drinking we discussed a very interesting theme: reincarnation. Each of us told about their ideas. The theories are alike but different too. I love to philosophize with others on such an elusive topic!
After we closed the circle, we each draw a card from Sorcha's Goddess Oracle. My card was Kuan Yin, a Chinese goddess who stands for sympathy and compassion. She told me to care as much about myself as I care for others...

Before we left we all got a little present: a tulip bulb with a little card. Mine said "zeal and passion!". I called Ron who had promised to pick me up. In the meantime we talked about the evening and other things. I was home around half past midnight.


  1. blessed Imbolc
    sounds like a wonderful ritual!

  2. Inderdaad een heel mooi ritueel. Iedere keer als ik zoiets lees krijg ik toch kriebels :)
    Weet niet meer wat ik zoek. Misschien moet ik eens ophouden met alles een naam te willen geven, en gewoon doen waar ik me goed bij voel, welke vormen of stromingen dat dan ook mogen zijn, en niet gelijk - zoals ik met hekserij heb gedaan - totaal niet meer met iets bezig willen zijn als er iets gebeurt wat me niet aanstaat; als een mokkend kind wat niet meer verder wil lopen.

  3. sounds like an awesome and powerful time


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