Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Last week I missed the 4th lesson of my course because we were at Centerparcs. I had done the homework though. Because more people had missed it, we could make it up in short before the 5th lesson started.
I had to take the bus around 11am to be in time. I had put some music on my iPAQ memorycard, so I could listen to it during the journey. That made the 45 minutes a lot less boring!
The subject last week was recovery and what will help when you are recovering. We had to make a rough diagram. It was striking to see what helped everyone. Recovery is so personal; what helps one may be very bad or completely useless for another!
This time everyone was present. It was the last lesson about our personal stories. Next week we are free and the weeks after that there will be quest lecturers, people who are already using their own experience to help others. Very interesting! This afternoon we talked about our motives for putting our experience to use. There were a lot of similar motives, but also differences. I want to do it for more reasons: to give patients something that wasn't there for me at the time, to educate professional helpers by bringing the matter to life, to make the taboo disappear, explain things to whoever is interested.
Because I was so early the afternoon lasted too long. It was getting harder to pay attention and keep concentrated. At the end I was totally worn out. Listening to my music I fell asleep in the bus. Fortunately I woke up in time to get off at the right bus stop! ;-)

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