Thursday, February 01, 2007

TT #27: music preferences

Thirteen past and present music preferences

Sometimes you have an "idol" all your life, others blow over after a while or longer. This week I share some of my music preferences (hard to choose just 13!), as always in no particular order.

  • ABBA - As a child I was a big fan, had all the records, was a fanclub member. I still know all the lyrics and play the CD's I have from time to time.
  • The Carpenters - I love the voice of Karen Carpenter: clear, pure, melancholy and always in tune. I have records and CD's, a very special CD-box with rare material and DVD's.
  • Fame - I was glued to the television when "Fame" was broadcast. The title song and "Out here on my own" were favourites, but most songs are special.
  • Marco Borsato - A Dutch artist who won the Soundmix Show years ago and quickly became a national star. I have been a fan for years, went to several concerts, have all his CD's, but the last few years it became less. I still like his music, but I don't have to have his CD's immediately anymore.
  • Céline Dion - I like almost everything she sings both in English and French, she has a very special voice. There has been a time when I played her CD's all day. I'd love to see her show in Las Vegas.
  • Kenny G. - A musician, saxophone magician. He has worked with great singers, but particularly makes great instrumental pieces. He made the theme of the movie "Dying Young" and won in 1994 the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition for "Forever in Love".
  • Robbie Williams - Ha, you knew he would be in this list! ;-) I'm a fan ever since he left Take That. He is a great singer, dancer and entertainer (and drop dead gorgeous into the bargain!).
  • Grease - The first movie of course. Aaah, John Travolta; I had a bit of a crush on him. The music is still contagious. I have the CD and DVD.
  • Barbra Steisand - A timeless voice and icon star. I especially like the ballads, some of them have very special memories.
  • Queen - I love their music. Freddy was one of the best entertainers ever. I've always found him ugly, but still he had that special something. The songs are great.
  • Rat Pack (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr.) - My dad loved their music and so do I, esp. Dean and Frank.
  • classical music, esp. Fauré, Chopin, Vivaldi - I like a lot of classical music pieces, but I don't like it too heavy.
  • The Dubliners - I love Irish folk music and their songs are great, both the old Irish songs and their own material. Ron and I still want to see them live one day.


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  1. Great choices. Hubby ( has gotten me to like a lot more music..I can actually identify Abba and Queen now

  2. I love Karen Carpenter's voice! She has one of the most beautiful voices ever! It's so sad that her life was cut so short.

  3. He, he, we have almost the same taste ! I like Abba, Celine, and Barbara Streisand and I love Robbie and Freddy Mercury. Robbie for me is the only one in the new generation (for me) who is worthwhile to be mentioned. The others are more in my generation, when I think that the Rolling Stones have the same age as me and old Mick is still hopping around which is ridicolous. He only should make records and no concerts anymore ! It's amazing that Robbie has never been in the States and I wonder if he is known there.

  4. Hey, I don't know number 4 but the rest are great. Well number 4 might be great , too but I can't say that he is with me not knowing him...
    Happy TT! :-)

  5. Whaty a list! And what variety!!!

    I LOVE Grease! I really like Abba, Karen Carpenters voice is awesome and my family listened to B Streisand.

    We have some music in common, all of yours is upbeat for sure...I also listent o lots of electronica, hip hop and some alternative rock...but I like so many kinds of music.

    I love Superstar, byt Karen Carpenter and think it's one of the most beautiful pop songs ever written and sang.

    My list is way easier this week...mostly photos...

  6. I went through your list thinking:

    yep, yep, yep, then hit Celine Dion. Not my cuppa I'm afraid.

    Enjoyed the list - happy TT x

  7. The Dubliners are great live! Seen them once, need to see them again!
    Robbie, robbie...can't hear a single song of him, without immediatly thinking about you ;)
    Happy TT!

  8. Now I'm going to have "Waterloo" stuck in my head all day. :)

  9. Great list. Fab music. I've also discovered music is also really important in life! Keeps your spirit free, I think!

  10. Anonymous1/2/07 13:42

    Ha! I did a music-related TT, too. Mine's about classic rock artists.

    I love, love, love Queen, and I listened to the Carpenters and ABBA when I was a kiddo -- thanks for the memories there. :)

    And I love, love, love classical music, too! :)

  11. My TT #5 is up.

    We had a Kenny G. CD playing when Hubby and I renewed our vows.

  12. Here is the link to my TT

  13. What a great list! Celine Dion is my guilty listen - hubby teases me terribly when I put her on >G<.

  14. I love Grease. It never gets old. Abba is really great too!

  15. Ooh, great list. I love Queen, and the Carpenters and Abba are wonderful for singing along with at the top of my lungs.

  16. Great TT! I was raised on ABBA from my mother, and the Beatles from my father. :) Neither ever go out of style... and you never quite forget the words no matter how long you haven't heard a song.

  17. I watched FAME again a few months ago for the first time in almost 25 years. My daughter loved it. That was a great soundtrack. Great TT today. Mine is about music too.

  18. i loved loved loved fame! i still catch myself singing the theme song every once in a while. great list!

  19. It's tough to top ABBA! Great list and Happy TT!

  20. Queen is awesome. And, Abba is fun.
    I used to watch Fame!

  21. Love your list. You are as eclectic in you taste of music as I am.

    I was going to do a Thirteen list of songs that I like. But it's sooooo hard to only list 13!

    Now I did notice you didn't have any country artist on there. Hmmm? :o)

  22. @Lady G: As you said, hard to list just 13. I do love country though, have done linedancing for 6 years. LeAnn Rimes is one of my favourites, but I also like the "old" stars like Dolly parton, Jim Reeves, etc.

  23. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Tink! I can still sing the entire Grease soundtrack word-for-word!! Man, I loved FAME, too. I caught a rerun not to long ago on some music station and thought (20 years later) How did I sit thru this?? These things are always so much better in our memories!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  24. I will never get tired of listening to Grease and Abba

  25. How is that you are one of my favorite TT stops, but other than Queen, we have such different music tastes?

    Happy TT, Tink!

  26. Great list Tink! Such great music! Brings back memories - lots of stuff that's fun to potter around the house listening to and singing with, esp. ABBA, the Carpenters and Grease! I don't know the Dubliners - I'll have to check them out! Thanks for the link!

  27. Hehehehe, I think we've got some different music taste! But great list and thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

  28. Nice list - it created great memories of some oldies - I can see and hear the Rat Pack now.... :)

  29. Those are great lists. I particularly like Abba, Carpenters, Celine Deion.
    Thanks for the visit.

  30. great eclectic list! i love "Out Here on My Own"!

    happy TT! thanks for stopping by!

  31. I love Kenny G. too!

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog!Welcome back any time.

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  32. Great list! What wonderfully diverse musical tastes. :) My mom says that Robbie Williams is a lot more popular here in Europe than he is back in North America.

  33. I remember liking many of those... I won't say which ones, though! :0


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