Saturday, February 03, 2007

Uncle Cor

Tuesday, when I got back from course I looked out the bus window and saw a familiair man. I thought: hey, uncle Cor, what is he doing here? I didn't think about it until later that day. Gerard visited us and told sad news. Last Monday uncle Cor passed away very suddenly and unexpected. I was so surprised. I had talked to him and aunt Corrie about a week ago! He was almost 72 (Febr. 8), but very active and always full of plans. He walked and cycled a lot, seemed quite healthy. I didn't see him often, but he was always friendly when I did and he did a lot for mum (and dad). And now he isn't among us living anymore...
Yesterday evening we offered our condolences to aunt Corrie and the rest of the family. Unfortunately there was only one of his two daughters... This morning Joke and I attended the church. In the little chapel near the entrance I lighted a candle for mum and dad, and one for uncle Cor and his family. Who would expect that his little cross would hang so close to mum's..? My heart went out to aunt Corrie, she trembled and looked so frail. It was difficult to be in mum's church again, but I wanted to do it out of respect nevertheless.
Ron picked us up and we met up with Leo, Gerard and Sylvia on Westerveld, the graveyard / crematorium in Driehuis. Uncle Cor was active in the church and a drama club too, so there were a lot of people. They used the small auditorium, many had to stand against the walls. Several people spoke. I admired his granddaughter who spoke with tears falling down her face, but finished anyway. Uncle Henk had written a beautiful poem that he read out loud. Afterwards we said goodbye to aunt Corrie and the family. To take away the pain is impossible, but I tried to say some comforting words to them anyway.

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  1. Gecondoleerd Tink, en wat mooi dat je hem nog even hebt mogen zien...


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