Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ara meeting

Yesterday evening I had another meeting with the Dutch Ara group in Dordrecht. I spent the day at Wonder's home, so I already was halfway to Dordrecht. I was supposed to meet Sorcha and Liza in the train at Den Haag HS, but I took the wrong one. They were in the express train, I was in the slow one... Fortunately I got no ticket check; I travelled for reduced fare because Sorcha has a concession card. They got off the train In Rotterdam and joined me later.

I missed the last meeting because Ron needed me at home. This time everyone was present except one girl (she is in Germany). We casted the circle from hand to hand, passed on energy around the circle and did a grounding exercise. After that we talked about our group and the initiation. Because the initiation is postponed until May 2008, we have more time to get to know each other. We planned 3 meetings for this year and we'll celebrate Imbolc together next year. The group feels very good and I look forward to our future meetings!

We took a train back that went to Amsterdam through Haarlem. I thought we had an express train, but part of the journey it was a slow train. Therefore I missed the last bus to IJmuiden. I called Ron, but he had taken some beers. Luckily, on Friday and Saturday nights a Niteliner runs between Haarlem and IJmuiden. I just had to wait another 45 minutes... Ron came to the bus stop and we walked home. Meanwhile it was almost 3am. Yaaaawwwn! ;-)


  1. Dan was je vlak bij mij :)

  2. Daar heb ik helemaal niet aan gedacht, stom! We kunnen best een keertje afspreken, lijkt me gezellig!

  3. mij ook!
    Geef maar een gil als je in de buurt bent :)

  4. I can't write in Dutch or German. You get English from me. ;-)

    Can you explain what it is you are doing when you get together? What is it you are trying to accomplish when you cast the circle? What is the initiation about? I read your blog and I am curious to know more.

    (And still working on the Tarot!)


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