Friday, April 06, 2007

Computer trouble

It's official... I'm addicted to my computer. When I listed my obsessions earlier this week I should have included "computer & internet". If I can't use my PC I get severe withdrawal symptoms. Let me start at the beginning...

In October 2006 my provider offered a free trial of a new service: Multikabel Internet Security (MIS). Anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and an extra firewall. I'm very content with my provider, so I decided to accept the offer and try it. I was using a free service (AVG) at that moment, satisfactorily. I downloaded MIS and tried to install it. Alas, it didn't work. I called the helpdesk, but they didn't know the answer. To make a very long story short: after a lot of mails, calls and a lot of attempts it finally worked 2 weeks ago (about 5 months later!!). The free trial period was over, so I bought a license (€3 a month). So far, so good.

To get rid of old stuff and problems we did a clean installation of the whole PC last week. No problems with the MIS installation. I noticed before that my computer's speed had decreased considerably since I used MIS. In phonecalls 2 employees admitted it was known within Multikabel. Hmmm, would have been nice if they had told that before..!

Last Wednesday I went to Postbank Online to do some computerized banking. I log in every day. When I had filled in my username and password I hit the log-in button. Normally the next screen would be my bank account, but this time I got a strange screen in very poor Dutch asking me for 10 transfer codes. Shit, a trojan horse virus! I called Postbank's customer service and they knew exactly what the problem was. It's a known virus "every good anti-virus software should recognize". Hmmm, not MIS... They adviced me to get rid of it by downloading AdAware and software like that. I was so pissed and annoyed; MIS should have found it and delete it before harm was done!! AVG found a trojan, but it wasn't the wrongdoer. Still, it was another trojan MIS didn't detect... I couldn't use my PC, the other trojan had already infected Internet Explorer. @#*&$&*$*!! Multikabel gave wrong and odd advice, they couldn't help. We were on our own as far as they were concerned.

Fortunately we have a friend who is a pro in IT and stuff. He managed to find and suspend the trojan. At our request he uninstalled MIS and we're using AVG again. Today another program (Hitman Pro) was able to identify (Trojan.Dropper.Small.AEK) and delete the trojan. Thank goodness! Multikabel will hear more about this for sure!


  1. Our computer crashed completely a year or so ago. It was still under warranty. We sent it in to be fixed. I thought I would die. Three weeks without connection drove me crazy. Just know that you're not the only addict out there.

    Btw, I took your advice and picked a tarot card. I shuffled the cards a few times and then picked the top card. Is that right? I got the eight of wands. I looked it up on a website, which said it's a card of movement and expansion that things are moving fast and there's change. Not sure what it means, but it's interesting.

    So if I remember correctly, you said to wait a week and try again. I'm curious to see what turns up next.

  2. It is good that you are writing to the company that caused the problem & that you told others about it.


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