Friday, April 27, 2007


RapaljeYesterday evening Ron, Wonder, another friend and I went to a theater concert by Rapalje, a Celtic folkband from the Netherlands. I've seen them live at Castlefest and I love their music very much. When we noticed (months ago) that the band would be here in IJmuiden, I booked tickets right away.
The show is called "Vurige Kelten" (Fiery Celts) and that's it exactly. Guest stars were David Myles (Highland pipes) and a pair of Irish dancers. It was a bit strange to just sit and listen to them, but after a few songs people danced, clapped and sang along. Before entering the theater hall everyone got a Rapalje-lighter to use during slow numbers; wonderful to see all those little flames. In the break Wonder bought a Rapalje blouse, a Rapalje card deck and the CD of the show. He has all their CD's. It was a fabulous show and we had a great time!

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  1. I've heared their music before and I think they're great, I hope to see them life one day too!


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