Monday, April 23, 2007

Blog Apocalypse

I’ve been tagged by Nathalie to participate in a challenge called Blog Apocalypse, set up by The Urban Monk. The Urban Monk will donate $1 to charity for every link that he receives back. Everything for charity, so here it is! ;-)

Blog ApocalypseThis is the challenge:
"The blogosphere is ending. No more blogs. Blog apocalypse. The internet is still working, the world is fine. But you can’t write anymore. Write your last post. Make it a good one. What is the reason you blog? What is the last gem of knowledge you want to leave? What do you want to be remembered for? Who are you? What is the meaning of life? Haha…well not exactly but you get the point. Pour your heart into it. "

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Dear readers / friends,

I cannot believe this will be my last post. One way or another I'll find a way to reach you. I have to, I can't miss you! I'm addicted to write and read blogposts. Aaargh!!!

No no, I have to be realistic. I'll still be writing, I always will, but b-l-o-g-g-i-n-g--i-s--o-v-e-r. That makes me sad. Starting a weblog was one of the best decisions I ever made. It coloured my life. I shared part of my life with all of you, and you gave me a glance of yours.
I got so many wonderful, heartwarming and/or wise replies. Keeping a diary feels good, but the comments on an online diary add so much to it. I felt I am not alone; there's always someone to give a hug or to offer an advice. It gave me insight and made me feel loved and cared for. I thank you all for that, from the bottom of my heart.
Reading your blogs enriched my life. You told me about your daily life and life in your country / state, you shared your feelings both positive and negative. We got to know each other better by participating in memes like Thursday Thirteen. Even though I've never met most of you, I feel close to you. I cherish my real life friends, but I cherish you too!

Together we make a difference. Don't let the blog apocalypse end that.
Keep writing, keep caring for each other, keep sharing!
Every end is a new beginning too.
This is no farewell, just goodbye for now.

Merry we meet
Merry we part
Merry we'll meet again.

Love & Light, Tink

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I don't like tagging others, but..... if you have a blog, please consider writing a post too. This meme makes you think, you'll get links on other places and on top of that you support a good cause (probably the Salvation Army, but other suggestions are welcome).


  1. UrbanMonk24/4/07 06:30

    Hiya Tinkerbell! Thanks for participating!

  2. what a beautiful message Tink!!!

  3. What a great "last" post. I hopped on over to the source and have to say thank you for the introduction, seems to be some good information that way. I will definitely participate.

    Be well and enjoy the day.


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