Friday, April 13, 2007

Side effects

Last week I had a swollen lip. I thought I had bitten on it, so I didn't really pay attention. It disappeared like it would normally. After that I had some kind of rash on my left cheek; not very visible, but it itched. I have an oversensitive skin and those rashes happen on a regular basis, so again I didn't take it too seriously.

Tuesday evening my upper lip started to bulge again. When I woke up in the middle of the night it had become worse. I tried to get some sleep, but around half past 3 I woke up Ron. My lip looked awful and it hurt. We decided to go to the GP-post in the hospital. I got antihistamine. At home I took one and went to bed again. By the time I woke up, my lip had gotten a bit less, but now my whole face started to swell. Ron called my internist. He wanted me to come to the hospital again, because he didn't trust it.

On the way to the hospital it got worse again. I felt dizzy and the swelling kept growing. When I got out of our car I was wobbly. Ron supported me to the entrance. In the square in front of the hospital I couldn't stand on my legs and I got disorientated. Ron called out for help. Someone got a wheelchair and they rushed me to the emergency ward. I got a drip in my arm and they connected me to a monitor. The doctor left us to talk it over with his colleagues. He came back after a while. I had a severe allergic reaction to the (bloodpressure) medicine I started with almost two weeks ago. A known but rare side effect. Leave it to me to get something rare..! ;-)

I had to stay the night in the hospital for observation. Ron went home to get some stuff for me. I got a bed in a room at the emergency ward. The nurses were very kind. Ron had to go around 10pm; I hated to see him go, I wanted to go home too! I read my magazines, listened to music on my iPaq and did some puzzles. New patients came and went, it was a temporary room before they got a room on a specific department. The last patients arrived around midnight and it was late before the lights went out. I didn't sleep much, although the bed was comfortable.

After breakfast the doctor came. Everything seemed okay enough and I could go home. Ron was already on his way. I was very tired so at home I went to bed and slept for hours. In the afternoon Wonder came to visit me. I showed him the pictures I made the day before. Scary!
Bit by bit I'm feeling better. Tonight I slept deep and long. My face is still a bit swollen and I don't feel great yet. It was quite a scare, but I'll be okay. Thank Goddess!


  1. Yeah you can say you scared the crap out of me dear! After seeing the pictures Ron took, I really can say you weren't a minute too late in hospital. I shook on my legs and I thanked the whole pantheon I could hold you in my arms again. I've seen a lot of things in my job as a nurse, but this... never! So please dear... don't do this again please! (I know you can't help it....) I'm gonna look in my herbal dictionaries for herbs that can bring you're bloodpressure down. I've seen what the chemical sh.t can do to you... Let's see what mother nature has in her medical cupboard....

    A very very happy wonder... I'm glad it took a turn for the better....

  2. I was expecting a swelling, but not as bad as this - like Wonder said; it scared the crap out of me too! Poor girl, I hope you never get this reactions again, that's horrible!
    Get well soon!

  3. Oh wow... When they say 'swelling' in the list of side effects you expect a little, but this much!!!
    So glad you got into hospital when you did! Take care !

  4. Last week my mother was rushed to hospital in France, so I kinda missed out on the things that were happening around me here.... When I look at the pictures, I guess you both had a little guardian angel watching over you last week. Thank God(dess) for that!

    Take care and get well soon.

    Love, Cyn

  5. oh yikes! that woulda been very scary. Be well soonest.

  6. Looks pretty swallow en to me. Hope you start feeling better.

  7. gabriella hewitt17/4/07 05:42

    I hope you're feeling better and that they've presribed better medicince. It really sounds awful.

    Take good care.


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