Monday, April 09, 2007

TT on LT

I created a group on LibraryThing for people also participating in Thursday Thirteen. It's simply called "Thursday Thirteen on LT". I invited some bloggers I know are on both TT and LT. If you're reading this and it applies to you, feel free to join!

I love LibraryThing! My Library contains 129 books (and oracle decks) at the moment. Still only a snippet of what I have, but I can't hurry. There are so many books packed away in boxes... I miss them! I hope I can unpack them in my new room soon...


  1. Excellent idea. I've joined the group (I think)and can't wait to see who else joins. :)

  2. That's very neat! Thanks for introducing me to a good book site. Books are my favorite things.

    I've neglected TT lately, but I'm back now, and I hereby invite you to visit.


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