Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tagged... passions or obsessions?

Selena Kitt tagged me to confess 5 things I'm obsessed with. I must say that I don't like the word obsessed though. It sounds as if everything revolves around those obsessions. It sounds negative. They are sometimes, but I'd rather make it a list of my 5 passions and obsessions.
Well, let me see...

  • an easy and well-known one to start with: I'm Robsessed. *LOL* Explanation for first-time-visitors (otherwise you would have known for sure): I love Robbie Williams and his music. Robsessed in a good way: I don't idolize him, I don't believe in blind adoration. I like to act as if I do, just to tease some people. ;-)

  • a very old one: food! I wish I could say I have a normal relationship with food, but that wouldn't be true... Food will never be just food for me. Even though I don't always act on my thoughts anymore (thank goodness!), the "bad" thoughts are still there.

  • also very old, tied to #2 and soooo difficult to get rid of: my body image. I know I have a distorted body image. It's a "relic" from my eating disorders. I try to fight it, but fail so many times... At times I detest my body. I avoid seeing it in a mirror. I believe people when they say I look okay, but I don't see it myself.

  • time for a positive one: nature and animal protection. I love all creatures great and small. I loathe maltreatment, abuse, hunting, etc. etc. Like children animals are vulnerable, can't tell what they feel. Or as The Carpenters sang: they have no voice.

  • more passion than obsession: witchy stuff! No hobby but my lifestyle, religion or whatever name you give it, it's me. Still I'm sensible, not at all woolly or free-floathing. My feet are solidly on the ground. :-)

I should tag 5 people to make a list like this, but I don't want anyone to feel compelled. So if you'd like to do it: feel free! Leave a link in your comment so I can come and read yours!


  1. That's a great list. I think many of us a "obsessed" with food, and our body image ... I know I am. No biggie, just a part of the normal woman, I guess.
    Hope you are well.
    Take care, MEow

  2. Myshadow3/4/07 21:39

    Hi Tink,
    hope to see you next week! Please check your email...

    Lots of knuffels

  3. Robsessed is funny so cute as is he...

    Hey it's almost the season of Ishtar and Osiris and all renewed things...I love this holidy time so fresh and I love chocolate.

    I am obsessed with chocolate, reading, blogging, food and nutrition, and shoes and purses? Thats what comes to mind just now...


  4. finally my computer lets me answer
    my obsessions:
    - chocolate, yes, more chocolate .. and even more ... yummy
    - books *buy too many, don't read them, though I want to*
    - my cats - and all cats - for health reasons ;-) but not only for those
    - I did mention chocolate before, didn't I? Ok, something else .. Songs with good lyrics
    - sudoku


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