Monday, November 17, 2008

Dusty Miller the 14th

A few months ago I heard that Dusty Miller the 13th would come to The Netherlands again, this time with his son Dusty the 14th. He would be doing the talks and his son the walks. I've been to walk & talk meetings with Dusty 13 in 2006 and 2007. I was looking forward to seeing him again, introducing his son to the public. I decided to go to the Walk & Talk at Antropia in Driebergen.

Unfortunately Dusty the 13th couldn't come yesterday, because he is suffering from balance problems after a fall recently. Dusty the 14th and his wife Claudia took charge of the whole day. I must say I did miss the old Dusty, but his son makes a very good successor! Claudia adds her own touch and they work great together.

In the morning a group of people (and a lovely dog) started with a Walk. We did some exercises, feeling leylines and the boundaries of the tree spirits. We learned about lunar and solar trees, and tried to feel the difference. We raised and sent energy around a big tree and sent it to Dusty the 14th. It felt very strong and powerful. We ended the walk with a beautiful tree meditation, in which we met the dryad of the beech we were surrounding. After the meditation we sang a Native American song of thanks to the trees. Just before lunch Dusty had a talk on the phone with his father. The old Dusty asked what we had been doing, because he sparkled from energy and felt very good!

After a yummy elaborate lunch we gathered in a hall for the "Talk". Dusty told about his fascinating family history, about the livewood and lots more! He also answered questions from the public. I had heard some things before (from his father), but that didn't matter. He knows how to captivate an audience very well. He is so much like his father and still is very different!

Around 5.30pm I drove home, tired but very satisfied. I had a fabulous day!

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