Tuesday, December 30, 2008

COT #23: Buddha for cats

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I moved my Buddha-statue/fountain from the kitchen to the top of my computerdesk. The cats adore it! They like to drink from it, sit in front of it (praying?), sleep close to it...

Maia drinkingBastet drinkingFreyja & MaiaBastet & MaiaMaya sleeping


  1. As it has running water in it, I'm sure Diamond would be petrified of the thing.

    Evie was just saying that Tristan, my tabby, reminds her of Buddha when he smiles, and she just wants to run over and rub his tummy three times.

  2. Hahaha ! that's really too funny ! I could propose a statue of Manneken Pis here on my desk to my cats !

  3. That last pic is precious! What beautiful kitties you have. :)

  4. The statue must be very relaxing. I wonder if your cats are going to become practicing Buddhists now?

  5. Wow that is great. Our cats would love that too.
    The Buddha seems to calm down the cats.

  6. The last photo was cuter than cute! But should you have a water fountain near your computer?

    Happy New Year


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