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The Fey Blog Tour hijacks Tinkerbell!

The Fey Blog TourHi! My name is Claudia Hall Christian. You may know me from my blog, On a limb with Claudia. I asked Tink if I might hijack her blog for a day to promote my book, The Fey. She was generous enough to agree. Those of you who know Tink know that generosity is certainly one of her many strong points.

Who the heck am I?Claudia Hall Christian
Tink asked that I post a photo, so here you go. That’s a picture of me on Halloween 2007. I am wearing a mini police officer uniform while my husband went as an inmate. (You can see my jaunty cop hat in the photo.) He took this photo after we returned from a DeVotchka concert. I know that most people pick their ‘best’ photo. I hate having my picture made, so this is close to the ONLY photo of me. But, honestly, I’ve looked exactly the same since I was about five years old. I’m taller, but I truly look the same.

What’s this blog tour about?
I am going from blog to blog introducing people to the Alex the Fey thriller series. The first in the series, The Fey, was released this February.
At its most basic level, The Fey is about a young woman, Alexandra Hargreaves, who was cruising along in her life. She had a wonderful job, a great team of people to work with, a handsome devoted husband and a wonderful home. In the wink of an eye, everything changes. We meet her at the moment of that change. And then, everything gets worse. (Click here to read the prologue to The Fey.)

The Fey is a fast paced thriller that will keep you riveted to the page from start to finish. The romance will warm your heart. You’ll even laugh at the antics of Alex and her friends. There’s an amusing stick figure synopsis of the Fey posted here.

The Fey bookcoverThe Fey is released a chapter at a time at The electronic edition of The Fey will be available in November, 2009. The Fey is also available in paperback.

If you are in the US, the easiest way to get The Fey is via our Create Space store. Please feel free to use this code: BCUCBDDB for a 10% discount. Amazon also carries The Fey.

If you are outside the US, the cheapest way to get the paperback edition of The Fey is to order a signed copy. The shipping is included in the purchase. (For whatever reason, I’m able to ship the paperback for a fraction of what Amazon charges.) The signed editions are availabe at

Why would I want to read your stupid book?
I think the same thing when I see these blog tours. And actually, that’s a really good question.
First, you should know that reviewers find The Fey to be a ‘thinker’s book’. Besides being a ‘page-turner’, The Fey is about realistic people who try hard, struggle, fail miserably, and get up to try again. Many people who read The Fey cannot put it down until they’ve completed it. The Fey is just a wild ride from start to finish.

Are you sick of cookie cutter plots? Nasty people? Unrealistic situations where the hero never fails? The entire Alex the Fey thriller series is filled with interesting, dynamic characters that will steal your heart and mind. The most common comment I hear from people who’ve read The Fey is that they think about the characters in the shower. I think that’s pretty cool.

What’s the future of the Alex the Fey series?
Learning to Stand, the second in the series, will be published in February 2010. Learning to Stand revolves around a central question : How will Alex pick up the pieces of her life and move on? And how will her friends, family and loved ones manage as she steps forward to living her life again? Of course, readers can expect the same kind of exciting, page turning adventure as was in The Fey.

Who I Am, the third in the series, will be published in February 2011. Who I Am is a deeper, more personal look at the main characters in the Alex the Fey series. Confronted with events in their personal and professional lives, the action adventure revolves around their choices to overcome and move on.

There are a total of eight novels planned at this time. So far, the first three, The Fey, Learning to Stand and Who I Am, are in various stages of complete. Learning to Stand is undergoing one last version change and Who I Am is in rough draft form. As I mentioned before, The Fey is available in paperback and serialized at

Thank you for your time. Tink will select one person from the comment list to receive a signed copy of the Fey.


Note from Tink
I gladly let Claudia hijack my blog for a day! She is a wonderful person and an amazing author. I have just read The Fey and I can honestly tell you Claudia didn't say a word too much. The book got me immediately and I didn't want to put it down. Unfortunately I had to sometimes; yesterday I read until 2.30am...Oops! One of the reviews on the website says: “The Fey is a romance for people who hate romances; a thriller for people who hate thrillers. If I’d read this on a bus, I swear I’d have missed my stop.” and that's exactly right!

After a few days I'll put the names of the commenters on little papers and pick one blindly, so... take your chance and leave a comment!


  1. Sounds like fun. Will it be available in Malaysia?

  2. sounds like it is a good read.

  3. Interesting. I'm always looking for good books to read and this sounds like something I'd enjoy.

  4. Julianne9/6/09 18:02

    A blog tour! I've never heard of that before. What a wonderful idea!

    Your book sounds fascinating! I'm always looking for new authors, and it sounds like a really creative premise. I'm on my way to check out the links you posted. Thanks so much!

    Happy hijacking! I wish you great success!

    *sparkly purple hugs* from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    Julianne (aka Celtic Jewel)

  5. Don't include me in the book drawing cause I already have one and I am still reading. I only stop to check blogs and e-mail. Nuf said!

  6. This book sounds right up my alley. I am always looking for new authors to enjoy and Claudia sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing this Tink!
    many blessings to you all,
    Kimber Powell (aka kimberstarr)


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