Monday, September 28, 2015

Super blood moon lunar eclipse

You've probably heard of the rare occasion we witnessed last night: a supermoon lunar eclipse. The last one was in 1982, the next one will be in 2033. So what is this phenomenon? I'll let NASA explain as they are much better in it than I am.

Over here in The Netherlands started at 2.11AM and ended at 7.24AM. The total eclipse was visible from 4.11 to 5.24AM. So I had to give up a night's sleep, but I have no regrets at all! The sky was very clear and the moon was beautiful and visible from our roof terrace. I tried to make pictures with my mobile phone and Canon Ixus. They were nice, but during the total eclipse Ron helped me to install his Canon EOS on a tripod. Lots of pics were bad, but still I got some acceptable and even good pics. I made a little video of them:

If you want to see the separate pictures, look at them here.

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