Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Goose-bumps songs

Last week a friend tagged me on Facebook and challenged me to post 5 songs that give me goose bumps. I know so many songs that do just that, it was hard to choose just 5... These are the songs that I posted:

I discovered Alison Krauss when this song was used in an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer somewhere at the end of the 90's. I love most of her music, but this hauntingly beautiful song will always be my favourite...

I love this song, especially played very loud! :-) The symbiosis between the instrumental parts and his voice is so great.

No need to explain I guess, goose bumps! Especially when Freddie starts singing... wow...

I could have picked 'Creep' too or any other Radiohead song for that matter. Thom's voice and the music bring me to another dimension. I often used that place to hide when I wanted to... disappear completely...

One of my all-time favourite songs, so beautiful!

So this was the choice for now. I could have chosen so many others too; this list is by no means complete. Angel by Sarah McLachlan, some Dutch songs, Robbie Williams of course, but also classical pieces like Pavane by Fauré. Old songs, new songs... Music does something with me, for me. Thank you for the music!

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