Friday, April 07, 2006

Acupuncture part 2

This time I had an appointment at noon. The traffic was quiet and the weather sunny, so I could drive relaxed and easy. I decided to park at the same spot like last week: a company car park nearby.
I didn't have to wait very long. One of the doctors asked how I had been. Well, it was a very stressy week. I was very very tired, slept bad and had a lot of headaches. Not a good week at all... She felt my pulse and looked at my tongue. Later another doctor came in and felt my pulse too. He asked me if I had pain somewhere, because I had what he called "a pain pulse". He was right (I had a headache), but he couldn't have known. How strange they can feel you are having pain in your pulse!?
The first doctor connected me to the machine, same routine like last week. Time to relax... Boy, did I need that! I felt the stress slowly leaving my body and the headache faded. I should really take more time to relax and meditate again. After the treatment I felt a lot better.


  1. I'm glad your treatments are helping

  2. Do you think there's room for yet another person? Me!!!! No I'm just kidding although I could really use it.... Still trying to get rid of these sleepless nights, headaches and fatigue. Blegh!!

    But it's great to hear it's helping you!!

  3. @ both:
    I'm glad it's helping too, but I hope it will work better (different) soon. It's working indirectly at the moment, the fatigue is still the same unfortunately. Yesterday I slept for 5 hours during the day. Today I'm going for a special walk in Amsterdam, so that's a test. Who knows... ;-)

    @ Cynthia:
    Wat let je... vragen staat vrij! Op de website ( het telefoonnummer. Mocht er geen plaats meer zijn, dan kan het toch een optie zijn: veel zorgverzekeraars vergoeden de behandelingen plus reiskosten.


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