Friday, April 14, 2006

Acupuncture part 3

Time for the Rangkuti clinic again, part 3 of 5. This morning I had a headache again, but through the morning it disappeared. I had an appointment at noon. When they checked my pulse, I still had a "pain-pulse". My pulse is always fast and tense. It seems I can't completely relax. I guess that's true, except for when I meditate. I should do it every day, but it never comes of that. I feel too tense to begin meditating, but I should meditate to lose the tension. Et voilĂ , there's the vicious circle...
The treatment helped me relax, or perhaps I should say: just lying there helped. I knew I wanted (and had) to do a lot more today, but that half an hour was occupied by the treatment. So why not take advantage of it and relax..? It worked, I felt calm afterwards. I drove back quietly. Still wanted to do as much as possible, but one thing at a time... Unfortunately the supermarkets were packed with people doing the last shopping for Easter. It looked as if the shops would be closed for a week! Pfew... glad I'm home, time for a nap!


  1. Haha, dat vind ik ook altijd het lekkerste aan accupunctuur: even tijd voor mezelf...

  2. Hoe voelt dat eigelijk accupunctuur?

    En werkt het een beetje bij jouw?

    Blessed be,

  3. Wat ik krijg is laser-acupunctuur, waarbij dus niet met naaldjes wordt gewerkt. Van de laser voel je niets. Het werkt bij mij ontspannend, maar qua vermoeidheid merk ik er niet zoveel van helaas.


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