Tuesday, April 04, 2006


10 years ago today we celebrated my father's last birthday, his 61st. He was already ill, but we still thought it was a nasty flu. A month later he was in hospital with what turned out to be aggressive cancer, spread all through his body. May 10th he passed away...
I still miss him every day...


  1. Jee is het al weer 10 jaar geleden...... de tijd gaat echt snel. Ik denk er ook nog ieder jaar aan terug hoor, ik kan het me nog als de dag van gisteren herinneren van het ziekenhuis.

    Sterkte meis!

  2. I lost my dad a little over a year ago and I think of him everyday. My dad's birthday was just a few days after your dads passing

  3. @Cynthia
    Dank je. Ja, het gaat hard, hè..? Ik kan ook alles nog zo voor me halen.

    All the best to you too. It's hard, but they live on in our hearts!


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