Monday, April 24, 2006

Phyllis Curott workshop

Last year I attended the first workshop weekend with Phyllis Curott (I wrote about it here). This weekend was Level 2 (Grail Magic: Visions, Divinations and Divine Inspiration). The location was the Stayokay Hostel in Nijverdal again. I picked up Sorcha and it took us more than 3 hours to arrive there; it's a 2 hour drive... I'm glad we decided to go early, so we were still in time. A lot of people came (much) later. Around 6 pm there was soup with buns.
I was in one room with Sorcha and Sonja. The fourth person had cancelled unfortunately. It wasn't a big room, but we had our own shower and toilet. There were 2 bunk beds, I took one of the beds below. We put some of the stuff we brought in the windowsill.

Friday evening we met in our own big room upstairs to introduce ourselves. The group was around 40 people, some I knew some I didn't. Phyllis introduced herself again. She was honest and showed herself very vulnerable. She had been through a very difficult time, professionally but also privately. Her chalice was empty, as she put it. But she had decided to come and was determined to give her best. And she did!! She is a great person and a great author.
We introduced ourselves by making an acronym of our name, using words that describe ourselves. After I said "C is for cats" I clammed up completely. Others helped me: "O is for open", okay. "R is for..." ehm... respectful; then someone else said "radiant". Who, me?? Well, okay... Then I continued "A is for..." and someone finished: "... acceptance that you are radiant". Hmm, right. I could use some more self acceptance.

We talked about Phyllis' last book, The Love Spell. The reception in the USA wasn't that good: a woman, a pagan high priestess, writing about sex! Such a pity, because the book is about so much more... For me (and others) the book meant a lot in different ways; she was very pleased to hear that. The Dutch translation is very bad, especially the "explicit" parts. The translator (a man!) made them very vulgar, where Phyllis wrote sensual and erotic. Explicit yes, but not vulgar! Some other important parts are even missing in the translation. I've read all her books both in Dutch and English; he first two translations are fine, but the last one is quite the contrary.

I didn't sleep much during the whole weekend. The beds are okay, but I always sleep badly when I'm not next to Ron. I know that beforehand and I take it into account. I wrote a lot and brought magazines with me. I called Ron as often as possible. He has the same problem.

Saturday morning we all put our chalices and other things we brought on one big altar: a centerpiece in the middle, Goddess altar on the left and God altar on the right. It was placed in the west, because we would work with emotions a lot this weekend. The motto was "Know Thyself" and all about trusting yourself and your intuition. A very individual theme, but the group spirit was very present. I can't tell you all of it, but I learned a LOT this weekend about myself, intuition, clues, tricks, divination, symbols, etc. etc. I like the way Phyllis teaches, very interesting with personal involvement.

When I read the first book by Phyllis years ago, I read about the Temple of Ara. The more I read the more I became interested. After the first workshop with Phyllis that developed only more. Initiation in the Tradition of Ara is possible after at least two workshops. Phyllis told about it and asked if we are interested. I certainly am, so is Sorcha. It will be two weekends and the week in between in a remote place, very intensive. We'll hear more about it later, probably next year. I'll have to start saving now, but I know it will be worth it.

Saturday evening we didn't do a ritual like last year. We were invited to visit an oracle, or rather three oracles. One by one we were led into the beautifully decorated room, where three goddesses (Maiden, Mother and Crone) were waiting. I was sent to the Maiden to ask my question. The answer wasn't perfectly clear (like with all oracles), but it sounded very promissing. Downstairs stoos Phyllis to receive us with a hug and friendly words. It was a wonderful experience. Afterwards some of us sat by the fire outside. Later we joined the others in the room where we danced and chanted together.

Unfortunately I started the Sunday with a terrible headache. It had all become to much I guess. After breakfast I attended the first part of the morning, but my headache only became worse. In the break we went outside for a group picture. I presevered for a while, but then I had to go and lie down on my bed. I slept for one and a half hour. When I got downstairs, Eyra gave me Reiki. That made me feel better, but I had to decide to call it quits and go home. I was very sorry to miss the circle in the afternoon, but it was the only wise thing to do. I was so glad to be home!

But, despite the unpleasant ending, I had a very very very good weekend!
(pics made by Sorcha and me)


  1. klinkt als een heel indrukwekkend weekend. Als ik dit dan lees, vind ik het jammer dat ik er tegenwoordig zo weinig tijd aan besteed.

  2. Indrukwekkend is zeker het goede woord!
    Iedereen heeft wel eens periodes, dat je er wat minder aan doet. Het moet niet als een verplichting voelen; je doet het voor jezelf als je zin en behoefte hebt. Als je dat wel wilt maar het komt er niet van, dan kan het helpen om het gewoonweg in te plannen in je agenda.

  3. je hebt helemaal gelijk, ik kom er niet aan toe, maar ik maakte er ook geen tijd voor vrij...
    Sinds vandaag ben ik begonnen met een logboek, misschien dat dit helpt om me er wat bewuster mee om te laten gaan.

    s p i r i b l o g b o e k


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