Wednesday, April 26, 2006

TV Film

Three weeks ago I got a lunch invitation by e-mail from TV Film, our television guide. The marketing department was organizing a panel discussion to ask the opinions of regular readers, expenses paid. I like that kind of things, so I accepted. Yesterday I drove to Hilversum for it. The group consisted of 6 various readers: subscription or loose, male/female, young/older, etc.
The lunch was very well taken care of with good food, nice drinks, dessert and fruit. Meanwhile we answered questions. Ron and I are very content with the guide as it is; that's why we subscribed a few months ago. Before that we bought it loose since the first issue came out almost two years ago. I enjoyed the discussion and really had the feeling to be heard. Of course they can't guarantee that everything we wanted would be realized, but that's quite normal. You can't please everyone. I've heard some good ideas. For me the only real minus is the lack of broadcast information by the BBC, but that's impossible in a two-week guide. It's not the fault of TV Film though and they are trying to find solutions. What more can a costumer ask? ;)
At the end we got a tour of the editorial office, very interesting to see. In addition to the paid expenses everyone received a handy bag with some nice presents.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. This company really knows that honest customer feedback is important. :-)

  2. By the way:
    I really liked that you blogged about this. It was a unique, interesting experience to hear about.


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