Monday, April 17, 2006

Witchy Girls Night 5

Last Saturday the Witchy Girls did the first extensive ritual. We always cast a circle, but this time we went a step further: walking the circle, cleaning it with the elements, calling the quarters, etc. I called the west (element water) and did the libation with Lothanna. The altar was beautiful as ever.

Tanit guided us in a beautiful pathworking to meet our inner child, wounded child, wise woman (of love & compassion) and wise old man (who has all the knowledge of your life). It worked very well for me. My inner child was very happy and surrounded by animals. She laughed and pointed out of the window; in the distance stood the red deer. I expected my wounded inner child to talk about certain things, but she just told me "I'm so lonely and alone". That surprised me somewhat and got me thinking... The wise woman was just pleasant to be with. The wise old man was my dad and it was great to see him again.

The theme was "Gods". Luna recited Pan in a great way, but for me he was in the circle already. We talked about what each of us has with male deity. Pan is "my" god, there has always been something with him for me I can't explain. He was there, made me giggle and play jokes on the girls next to me. For the funny note Sorcha and Luna had a surprise. Look here! We all ate a piece, I had part of the white top... ;-)
In the cauldron everyone had put a little something that showed her view on god(s). We took another something out of the cauldron. Ron had helped me to make 2 little candles with the male symbol on one side and the god symbol on the other. I had wrapped them in a Robbie Williams picture, couldn't resist. *lol* I got a wonderful little box with a cover of the sun(god); I love it!

At Sorcha's request my brother had designed a Witchy Girl logo to put on a black t-shirt. We liked the idea very much, so we all ordered one. This week the shirts were ready, my brother delivered them at my place and I took them to the Witchy Girls. They look great and everyone was very enthusiastic. We made a group picture in the garden.

Afterwards we had some drinks and snacks. Claudia had made "Haagse Bluf", very airy and delicious! The translation would be something like Hague Bluff. You can find the recipe and an explanation here.


  1. Luna Verde26/4/06 09:28

    Leuke site Tink!
    de groepfoto is wel aardig, maar ik vind de chocolade verrassing wel luguber met die grote mes erbij! hehehe...


  2. Ach, we hebben 'm in elk geval netjes "geslacht"!? ;-) Hij was errug lekker, hihi. De mannen zullen dit wel weer helemaal verkeerd opvatten...


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