Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodbye my friend...

BorisWe had to let Boris go to the rainbowbridge...
Friday evening when I called him to make a walk, he couldn't get up. Eventually he could, but he was very wobbly. I called Ron and we walked straight to the vet (just around the corner). He checked everything he possibly could, but it all seemed to be normal. We got painkillers for him and we had to watch him extra this weekend. We were very worried...
During the weekend it didn't really get better. When he walked for a while it got a bit better, but the overall tendency went down. Yesterday it got worse. We decided to go to the weekend vet. She checked his blood, but couldn't really do anything for him. We decided to go home and visit our own vet today.
Ron checked him during the night. This morning we walked to the vet with a heavy heart. As if we knew... and in a way we did of course. It turned out to be a brain tumor that caused all the problems Boris had lately. There wasn't anything we could do for him, except letting him go to prevent further pain and problems. He didn't deserve to suffer, so we could only take that one difficult decision... We stayed with him until the end, both crying our heart out. Leaving him there was so hard... We miss him sooo much... The house feels so empty... Foofur and the cats (esp. Bastet) are looking around, wondering where their big friend is. It hurts sooo much...


  1. Oooh dear friend, I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you, Ron, Foofur and the cats a lot of strength to cope with this loss. He will always be in your heart!

  2. Wat vreselijk nieuws lees ik nu :(
    Niet te geloven hoe snel zoiets kan gaan.
    Ik denk aan jullie,
    wat zal het een gemis zijn in jullie huis.
    Zo plotseling en zo snel.
    Ik weet eigenlijk niet wat ik moet zeggen ik vind het erg triest :(
    Ik denk aan jullie...

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss of Boris. He will live on with your memories of the times you shared.

  4. I am sorry for your loss!!! Focus on the good times and try to let the painful memories fade

    {{{{ }}}}

  5. Hee lieve Cora, wat een akelig nieuws. Ik stuur je een grote knuffel vanuit Oz! Veel sterkte met het wennen aan de achtergebleven leegte.

  6. sorry for that...i hope ur ok now.

  7. I'm so sorry for you and your family. It's so hard to let our beloved pets go when the time comes.

  8. Aww I am so sorry for your loss. rest in peace Boris, you looked georgous in that pix. I am sorry...

  9. I'm so very sorry. This post made me cry. We have a dog and she's getting older. I hope we don't have to make this kind of decision. Big hug. :)

  10. Eternal Spirit, we bring you our grief in the loss of Boris and ask for courage to bear it. We bring you our thanks for Boris who lived among us and gave us freely of his love. We commit our friend and companion Boris into your loving hands. Give us eyes to see how your love embraces all creatures and every living thing speaks to us of your love. Amen.

  11. Sorry for the loss of your very best friend - hope your able to dwell on the good memories too.

  12. I'm sorry for your loss, Tink. Letting go of a furry family member is never easy. *hugs*

  13. FaolchĂș Airgid18/8/09 00:12

    All that comes to mind is; that sucks, I hope you will find some solace in the fact that when you cross the rainbow bridge one day (far in the future I hope!), he'll be waiting for you.

  14. We are so sorry! It's never easy to let one of our fur-kids go, and he wasn't old. You did the right thing, but we know how much it hurts.
    Victor, Nina & Tabbymom Jen

  15. I'm sorry for your loss and hope that Arwen will help to fill the empty sad place in your hearts.
    Hugs and blessings,


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