Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seidr themeday about divination

Yesterday I attended a seidr-themed workshop about divination / oracle "under the mantle" with Linda Wormhoudt in Amsterdam. It was a very interesting day. Linda told us a lot about the methods of divination used in Northwestern Europe. It is too much to share it all, but I'll let you take a peek. :-)

For example, Útiseta/útisetta literally means "sitting outside" and 'sitja á haugi' means "sitting on a burial mound". The practitioner or 'vala' retreated to a place in nature, covered herself with a mantle, blanket or animal skin and just sat there. Singing and praying she tried to get into contact with the dead (ancestors) to seek information and/or advice. Unknown how long exactly, she just came back when she had an answer.

We tried it ourselves. At first I didn't feel comfortable at all covering myself. I struggled to find the right position for me. Then suddenly I found it and I surrendered myself. I had gone in with a question and almost immediately I got answers, or at least tips / clues. I can't really ecplain, you have to experience it!

Sitting "under the mantle" I encountered an unexpected 'guest'. Next to me a polar bear showed up and offered to be my power animal. He said I needed him in this time of my life and he'd be happy to help me. Wow, I didn't really know what to say... I never heard of someone getting a power animal this way, but of course I'm honoured. I've always been fascinated by bears and a polar bear is really special. I don't know what it stands for exactly, but I'll look it up later. For a moment I saw myself walking with a female black panther on one side and a male polar bear on the other. Magnificent, I'm privileged!

After lunch we did some other experiments and exercises with other methods of Nordic divination. At the end of the day I was exhausted, but it was well worth it!


  1. It really was a great day with a lot of insight and lots of new information :) It was also great meeting you!

    On your wonderful encounter with the polar bear; I looked it up.

    Polar Bear, Power Animal, Symbol of Purity, Death, Rebirth, Transformation

    I hope to see you again during another course!

  2. What a powerful and beautiful totem spirit appeared for you. One of endurance, strength, and such beauty. I hope you'll share some lessons you're learning from your spirit animal. I don't know why more pagans/wiccans don't talk about their totems. I love hearing about it.

  3. Klinkt erg leuk en interesant !!!!
    Ik heb ook weleens zin in een dagje Amsterdam :-)

    Fijn week-end
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)


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