Monday, July 04, 2011

House blessing

Our friend Maralynn got a new home some weeks ago. She planned a house blessing and asked me to help her with the ritual. Some people asked me what we did and with her permission I'll give you an idea.

Yesterday friends gathered in her home, varying from experienced witch to newcomer. First I explained what we were going to do. Then we cast the circle from hand to hand. I love that way of casting a circle, because everyone has an active part and it literally binds people together for the ritual. I called the quarters and Maralynn invited the goddess and the god.

The heart or the working part of the ritual consisted of three parts:
  1. cleansing the house with a smudge stick (white sage, lemon grass and cedar) by Maralynn and me
  2. blessing the house with the elements by Maralynn and three others, each with an element (incense, candle, water and salt)
  3. making a witches' bottle together for home protection - Maralynn decided not to bury the bottle but place it on a shelf above her front door
For the cake and wine Maralynn had biological apple juice (she doesn't like alcohol, yay for me!) and self-baked pentagram cookies. Of course we saved some for the libation (offering to the gods and local spirits).
After thanks and closing the circle we had a delicious barbecue to celebrate!


  1. Anonymous4/7/11 17:05

    Sounds great. Did you leave the circle to go through the entire house or just do the blessing symbolically from within the circle?

  2. Thanks! We left the circle and did parts 1 and 2 through the entire house.

  3. Wat een mooie manier voor een huiszuivering. Goed idee en ik ga dit zeker onthouden!


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