Sunday, February 05, 2012

Finally winter!

Up until a few days ago this winter wasn't really worth the name. At times it was more like fall and a week ago spring seemed to come far too early. That's not my kind of winter. I'm a winter girl and I want freezing weather, preferably with snow! This last week the temperatures dropped significantly and today it was announced we're having an official cold wave. Yay! Of course a lot of people started to complain, the Dutch are very good at that... *sigh*. You won't hear me complaining, I love it! Friday snow was added to the beautiful winter picture. First we had to go to a funeral; quite the experience, snowstorm on the cemetery... Afterwards we got the dogs and drove to the park to have some fun. Arwen was in her element and Foofur liked it too, although his belly touched the snow. :) 


The weather fit perfectly for Imbolc! The feast of Brighid, a festival of the hearth and home, and a celebration of the lengthening days and the early signs of spring. Spring is stirring just beneath the snow, but clearly on its way...
Thursday I celebrated Imbolc with the coven. Yesterday Ron and I attended another Imbolc gathering in Eindhoven.

(and Lammas blessings to my friends in the Southern hemisphere)


  1. I love the Imbolc goddess greeeting card thing.

    Best Imbolc blessings to you, Tink.

    a bit late... lol

    Story of me and life - I seem to be always trying to catch up!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! Don't worry, I can sooo relate to that catching up... LOL

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