Thursday, August 19, 2004

Job ritual

Last month Ron's boss went bankrupt due to a stupid action by the owner. It was quite a surprise and the news got even worse. He won't get much money from it. We haven't received any money since June and the reserves are going down fast... The bank is very understanding but still, the mortgage has to be paid. So he is looking very hard for a new job. No luck yet, but tonight at 8.30pm (CET) he has a very important job interview. I'm thinking about doing something while he is there. I'm looking in books, on websites, in my own archive. I still have trouble to write something from scratch, so I like to have something to begin with to make it my own eventually. Tips are welcome!

Well, I did it! I've kept it simple. A lot of green on the altar (cloth, candle, incense + burner, etc.) and on me. In the middle of the ritual I carved runes in the green candle and lit it. Then I wrote something down about Ron and the job, lit it with the candle and burned it in my cauldron to send it to the gods. Meanwhile I meditated on Ron and a new job, said some things aloud. I'm content. It felt good. Ron came home and told me he had a very positive feeling about this job interview. We'll see, I believe in a good outcome!

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