Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Museum of Witchcraft needs help


On 16th August 2004 the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle (Cornwall, UK), which holds one of the most significant Pagan and Witchcraft collections in the world, was seriously damaged by flash floods which have devastated Boscastle.
Graham King and all the Museum staff are safe. The building is still standing, but there is serious damage to the collection. We will not know the extent of this for a while yet.

The Museum is appealing for help from the Pagan community. They would like to assure all their friends and supporters that the Museum will be back.
The friends Of The Museum and the Pagan Federation Devon and Cornwall are co-ordinating the appeal for help. Two kinds of help are needed:

If you are able to send donations, please make them payable to: Pagan Federation Devon and Cornwall and send them to: PO Box 314, Exeter, EX4 6YR, UK. Please send cheques, postal orders or IMOs (not cash) and mark the envelope "Museum Of Witchcraft". All donations will be acknowledged (eventually!).

Practical help
All kinds of volunteer help will be needed to clean up, save the collection and re-build the Museum. This help will not be needed for a few days yet, but if you can help, please email your details to Crowman or Levannah . Someone will contact you when we know what is needed. We will also email updates as we get them.

Many thanks and Goddess Bless to everyone who has already been in touch to offer help and support. The Museum will not be beaten by this.

Please circulate this information as widely as you can.

Blessings of the Old Ones

Levannah Morgan and Adrian Bryn-Evans
(Friends of the Museum Of Witchcraft and Pagan Federation Devon and Cornwall)


UPDATE Aug. 18:
Message received this morning:

"If you are passing stuff on: people can now make online or credit card donations if they wish (good for people in the US) on this website. This is the Children of Artemis site; they are working with us on this. Updates can be found here for the next few days. The museum site cannot be updated just now, due to the situation in Boscastle."

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