Wednesday, August 04, 2004

WW: Summer

What do you like most about the summer season?
Certainly not the heat! I like nice weather, but too hot is not my cup of tea (for sure over here in The Netherlands with the high humidity). I like the summer season because it gives its own different touch to nature (as do all the seasons). People are happier, more joyful in summer.

How does weather affect your spirituality? Are you more active in the summer with pagan activities or less? Do you meditate outside or inside depending on weather?
I'm not more active on my own, and there aren't many get-togethers in summer also. If the weather allows it I love to meditate outside. If it's hot like today, I don't do anything, spiritual or other! ;-)

What's your favorite summer ritual? (Lughnasadh, Midsummer, whatever you celebrate)Midsummer / Litha is special because of the very short time of darkness that night. If I can I stay up all night and celebrate, preferably with others.

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