Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Meet... Freyja and Bastet!!

Yesterday I was at the local pet shelter. Ron is giving me two kittens for my birthday. We held a really cute one two weeks ago. She was tiny. I wanted to choose her and another kitten from that litter. They are 5 weeks old. Unfortunately the others were all tomcats, so I had to choose another pussycat. Difficult decision! I wasn't sure until I met this little princess. I made pictures with my mobile phone and suddenly called her Freyja. I don't know why! I hesitated a bit to use a goddess name, but it felt so good. So Freyja it is! A matching name for the little one wasn't very hard: Bastet! It's the name a lot of people use in the Netherlands for Bast.

Freyja is older than Bastet, so this morning I picked her up in the shelter. I made some pics of Bastet too. Freyja seems to be a full breed Balinese. She was left behind, all alone in a cardboard box... She has a little kink in her tail. She has been to the vet yesterday and she is healthy. She is just recovering a bit, because she was full of flees when she was brought into the shelter.
On the way home I stopped at Pet's Place to buy the basic stuff. At home Freyja met Foofur and Boris. She was very curious. Boris too, but Foofur totally ignored her in the beginning. He gave me that certain look and walked away. But eventually his curiosity won and now they are lying on the couch together. When I correct Freyja he runs towards her like a policeman, just like he did with all her predecessors. Things will be fine, I guess. :-)
Freyja already had "maternity visitors". Gerard and Sylvia came to meet her. Later Monique stopped by. Freyja was exploring the living room, but got stuck between the central heating and the windowsill. Monique and I guided her out of there. I don't think she'll try it again. I left her alone to walk the dogs and when we returned she was asleep on the couch. The dogs woke her up and she looked into the camera.
I'll keep you posted! I can tell you this: kittens are the best anti-depressants I know! :-)


  1. Anonymous23/8/06 22:19

    Wat ongelofelijk lief!!!!!!!
    Ik zou er zo ook weer een bij willen nemen maar we moeten toch echt eerst wachten tot Denice wat ouder is, zucht....

    Sophie en Denice

  2. Anonymous24/8/06 04:45

    Awww love the kitty cats. They are both so pretty...

  3. Oh tink! Zoooo lief!!!
    Gefeliciteerd! Geef ze maar een dikke knuffel van me!

  4. Anonymous24/8/06 16:41

    Is Bastet a schildpadje? One of our cats is.. You cna see my kitties on my kitty blog.. here.


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