Thursday, August 10, 2006

TT #3: pets

Thirteen beloved pets

  • Mickey, the cat I had home with my parents. My first cat!
  • Lapje, the cat I left at home when Ron and I were moving out. Later we took her in with our other cats.
  • Garfield, the first cat we got from the pet shelter. He sold himself by playing with a ping-pong ball. He was a mother to all of the other cats and he was the boss.
  • Cleo, we took her from the pet shelter at the same time we got Garfield. She was a full breed cat, taken to the shelter because she had the wrong eye colour... She was a lady.
  • Mickey, the big black cat. Garfield was the boss, but Mickey was his right hand. He was big, but not fat.
  • Snoopy, the little white lady. She has always been tiny.
  • Snoetje, a cat we looked after for a friend of mine. She couldn't have it, so we took her in until we found a new home for her with my mother's neighbours.
  • Poemel, the only cat still alive right now. First my brother took her in, but we got her back. She is getting old and doesn't always know what she's doing. She is still living upstairs.
  • Ukkie, the youngest cat who passed on way too early...
  • Heathcliff, the big red cat. He loved to play and cuddle, sleeping in every lap he could find.
  • Shadow, our Bernese Mountain dog (Berner Sennen). Our first dog! We got him from the pet shelter in Gouda. He was well-bred, kind-hearted and loved by everyone.
  • Foofur, our little dog (half Jack Russell, half Welsh Corgi). I fell in love with him the second he got into the pet shelter. He is fond of people and they love him!
  • Boris, our big black dog (half Newfoundlander, quarter Bernese Mountain, quarter St. Bernard). His old boss went to Africa and didn't take him. Lucky for us!


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  1. Jullie hebben nogal wat huisdieren gehad zeg, en allemaal hun eigen karakter, dat is wat ik er zo leuk aan vind.
    Erg leuke TT, Tink, zet me aan 't denken over alle dieren waar ik ooit mee heb geleefd!

  2. first cat was Sammy. He was mean, mean, mean, lol! No one could even pet him but my mom was way attached to him.

    My Thursday Thirteen is up!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. You are a good person to rescue all of those animals....

    Pets are the best, I love my little Foxxy like she is my kid - funny thing is, my husband does too!

    My TT #4 is up

  4. What a great thing you do! Your Poemel looks alot like my Lulu. Thanks for visiting my TT.

  5. you are an animal person like me. :)

  6. Anonymous10/8/06 15:05

    Ha Ha you naled you cat Snoopy after a dog I love it! Great list!
    My TT is up too!

  7. Pets! They're so part of the family, aren't they?

  8. Oooo.... I so would have LOVED Foofur. My parents are on their second Welsh corgi, and I LOVE Jacks!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Awesome list!!!

  9. awwwwww. I've had a lot of pets too.

    My tt is up too.

  10. I'm a total sucker for cats myself. I've had a couple die on me within 24 hours of rescuing them, and that's never a fun experience. :(

    At any rate, I came here via your thursday thirteen thing. Take care.

  11. My cat Purry is 17 years old - grouchy but lovable. lol Thanks for visiting my T13 - Classic Books I've Never Read Edition at Bloggin' Outloud. lgp

  12. Excellent list. And I am so glad you are a shelter person! Good for you!

  13. I was with you until you got to the dogs!

    What beautiful pet pictures you have. Such great--and complimentary descriptions of your little lovelies!

    I think, though, I have some serious slobber all over my fur from Boris! I'll bet he can unleash some serious saliva!

    Thanks for stopping by! Loved your TT!

  14. Anonymous10/8/06 18:29

    Pets are the best! :)

  15. Anonymous10/8/06 18:35

    I LOVE Boris! He looks like a great dog! It's so rewarding to rescue these furry loved ones and the unconditional love and friendship they provide is sometimes overwhelming. Happy Thursday!!

  16. I love that idea for a list! What a bunch of sweeties!

  17. Wow, you've had alot of pets! They had some cute names!

    Have a great Thursday!!

  18. Aw, what a super list and I love hearing all about them and their names. I might try this idea one week myself. thanks for sharing!


    heres my TT

  19. Gosh - you've had alot of kitties! :) I wish we could get one for our family, but unfortunately hubby & son are allergic! :( Sucks!!

    Great list!

  20. Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out my "list continuation". The "150 things" idea is tempting, but I think I'll try not to bore my readers any more than I already have. :)
    Very handsome pets, all of them. Snoopy is particularly cute. I'm sorry about the kitty who died too soon. Very handsome. :)
    Feel free to stop by and visit me again sometime. :)

  21. Anonymous10/8/06 20:17

    That's a lot of pets. I love cats too, and dogs. I've always wanted a Berner Sennen, but they grow so huge and we don't really have the room. Guess we'll have to stick to cats.

    Thnx for sharing your pets and for visiting my blog.

    Mandy :=)

  22. An animal person! Animal people rock!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

  23. That's a lot of kitties. I have one and she's a handful.

    Thanks for visiting my TT. I think your English is great!

  24. I used to have a Bernese Mountain Dog growing up! Her name was Marcy. I love reading about people's pets.

    I am a cat person, though. I have a rescued Himalayan cat, Jolee, who I adopted after Hurricane Katrina.

  25. Anonymous10/8/06 21:57

    What beautiful animals you have and had. Snoopy is so pretty with the different colored eyes and Boris is just beautiful. All of them are really beautiful!

  26. My 1st kitty was Moses! He was the sweetest thing and I miss him so!! This was sweet! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by!

  27. Very sweet list and great photos!
    I've had a lot of pets over the years, I should borrow your idea and list them! (maybe next week) I have way more than 13 though!

    Love the doggies! That Boris is so handsome!

    Have fun cuddling your critters!

  28. Anonymous10/8/06 23:55

    My first cat was Cinderella, I got her at a very hard time in my childhood (5 yrs old) and I help her in my arms as she passed when I was 18. I've always had cats in my home and more than likely always will.

    I played!

  29. What a sweet list. You had/have some wonderful pets.

    We had a Garfield too. He was my goofy cat. He could always make me laugh. He is the only one to lay on my desk - no one was permitted before him and no one since. Thanks for the memory.

    Thanks also for visiting my TT!

  30. I don't think I had that many pets. I do have 6 cats and dog living in my basement with their owners. Fed them once they won't leave.

    Great list. Thanks for stopping by my T13.

  31. Great list. I love cats and dogs. It makes me miss my dog Blue. At least we can still visit him though.

  32. have had some good pets. We love our little poodle named Joy! Thanks for visiting my TT!

  33. The most we ever has at one time was three: Simon, Batcat, and Baby (we tried to give her a different name, but she WAS the baby of the three) I miss having pets--not allowed where I live.
    Happy TT!

  34. Anonymous11/8/06 08:40

    Awwwwww, thank you for your list! It made me reminisce about all my furry little family members over the years!

    Thanks too for being the first real visitor to my blog. :)

  35. Heel mooie TT!

    I had some cats back when I was in highschool...

    But then, I had to let them go, one by one...they got sick and then passed away.

  36. :D Thanks for the visit...

    Ik heb Nederlands geleerd voor 3.5 jaren maar ik heb veel worden vergeten...


    Maar ik vergeet niet mooi en lekker ;D

  37. Aw the pet TT! I love seeing what people have named their pets ~ you've got some cool pet names on that list!!

  38. Anonymous11/8/06 14:21

    Thank you for visiting my T13 this week!

    Great list. I don't have 13 pets to put on a T13 (only 5), but so many memories of each one. All the 13 on your list sound wonderful.

  39. kijk, dat noem ik nog eens comments krijgen ;)

  40. Anonymous11/8/06 16:47

    Wow, that's a great list! You're so lucky to have had so many wonderful pets!

  41. What a glorious collection of pets you have had, and what a great assortment of names. Each one, I am sure, has a place in your heart, and wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care, Meow

  42. Anonymous17/8/06 15:43

    Wow what a lot of pets you've had. I have a horse and a dog. Never owned a cat.

    Thanks for dropping by TT.


  43. wow!lots of pets.I just got a shih tzu and i adore her so much.i am planning to get more shih tzu's.i love the small breeds.but the bigger breeds are just as adorable but im a newbie when it comes to pets so i will just enjoy my shih tzu for now.


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