Monday, December 23, 2013


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Kickin'It Old Skool, Day 23
Yesterday I couldn't join, because I simply don't have any digital pics of 'Wee Me' and the analog ones are somewhere in a box with many boxes on top...
Today the prompt is about one of my favourite subjects.
Let's talk about books!


So, what do we talk about...? I talk about books here on my blog: books in general, book-lists, a book I recommend, etc. Lots and lots of my many books are still in boxes because I simply don't have room to display them. Might sound silly, but I miss them a lot...
Today I decided to share pics of the book wall in my room. Ron made it for me so I could have at least some of my books at hand. The top 3 shelves are fiction (fantasy, thrillers, literature, etc.), the 4 below are non-fiction (paganism, herbs, history, etc.). Both are in alphabetical order. The bottom shelf is extra high, so there are the larger books. On the floor are magazines in file boxes.
The book on the stand is "Luna Moon Hare" by Wendy Andrew, a lovely book with beautiful illustrations.

If you want to see what I have in my library, you can see 1200+ of my books in my LibraryThing. One day I hope to have added all my books there! It's a very nice community and a great way to store your books online. I also have a Goodreads account, but I prefer LibraryThing.


  1. LOVE the book wall and alphabetical besides! My library background is smiling.

  2. I know about 'missing' books. We moved into our house nine years ago, and there are still boxes of books waiting for homes. One day...

    I love that book wall!

  3. Great library wall. Love it!

  4. Oh how fun to see your book wall! I've not heard of LibraryThing before, so thanks for the hedz up.


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