Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 things in my bag

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Kickin'It Old Skool, Day 19
Inspired by one of Jamie's most popular videos in which she shared what's in her purse, we thought we'd ask... What are 10 Things Currently In Your Bag?


I made a picture to show you the inside of my hand bag:

  1. brown leather purse and coin dispenser
  2. retractable umbrella
  3. keys with mini-Leatherman and car-key (in black pouch)
  4. pocket torch
  5. deodorant
  6. mobile phone
  7. hairbrush and scrunchie
  8. nail file & cutter
  9. lip balm, arnica gel and herbal healing salve
  10. sweeteners (normal and stevia)


  1. I always forget an umbrella!!

  2. it's so organized! mine are never organized!

  3. Is that a polka dot lining in your bag? Love it!

  4. OoO You can fit an umbrella? Awesome.

  5. You're like a Girl Guide - always prepared! Very impressive.


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