Sunday, December 01, 2013


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Kickin'It Old Skool, Day 1
Day One of Kickin It Old Skool (KIOS) and I'm already slacking... Oops! To be honest I completely forgot about it until today (Dec. 2). Sooo.... I'm cheating and posting this as if I posted it yesterday, LOL! 'Today' we share selfies!


I could make it easy and post this 'selfie':
It IS me, at least my online presence as Tink, made by the talented Emila Yusof
But I guess you want to see the real me? Okay, here is my current Facebook profile pic:
It's an old one, but dear to me because it shows me with 'my' tree. I love trees and this is a special one to me. 
Okay, okay... I'll make one right now with the webcam....
So... that's me!


  1. Anonymous2/12/13 13:26

    Very nice!! I have a "tree" too. Mine is a magnolia that is in our front yard. I take loads of picture of it and the flowers and seeds and pods throughout the year. People of Flickr I am sure want to sign a petition.
    Hope you enjoy this blog-a-thon!


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