Monday, August 29, 2005

A candle for Gaialynn

This candle is burning for my friend Angelina (Gaialynn). She had surgery last week, but this morning she was taken back to the OR. There are complications and the coming 48 hours will be critical. All her friends are thinking of her and burning candles, but she can use every extra thought and/or candle. So if you have a moment, wish her well in every way you want to. Join me and let the universe know this wonderful woman can't be missed yet...

Update Aug. 31: the situation is still very critical. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, send healing energy and/or burn a candle. She needs it very much...

Update Sept. 1: relieved to say she's doing better! She is out of the IC. It's not completely over yet, but the worse is behind her. Time to heal...


  1. Anonymous3/9/05 00:22

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  2. Anonymous4/9/05 19:56

    Dat is zeker wel even schrikken zeg! Gelukkig dat het weer een stukje beter met haar gaat!

  3. Dank je wel lieve Tink! Ik weet dat jullie energie me geholpen heeft er bovenop te komen. Heel veel liefs en dank aan iedereen die aan me gedacht heeft!



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