Saturday, August 06, 2005

WW: Your knowledge

Do you keep a journal or some other archive to keep track of what you learn, rituals you attend, etc?
Yes, I have several journals for different parts (a Reiki journal, a ritual journal, etc.) and several files for solitary and groups. I store everything in real files / folders and on my computer.

Would you ever want to share all the knowledge you've gained on your path? Or would you prefer to keep it personal, only to those close to you?
I wouldn't share it with just anyone, but I'd like to share with someone special or a little group. There are things nobody will ever see, but I often share stuff.

How do you plan to pass down what you know to your children?
I have no children and don't know whether there will be any, but I have good examples of pagan parenting in my circle of friends. I would learn and tell a lot, but eventually it's their own decision. If they would choose my path, I'd be very happy to show them the way.

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  1. I would like to be able to communicate with someone that can help me with the guidance in learning and becoming a better person, not doubting, feeling comfortable with myself, how ridiculous does that sound? Sometimes, I believe that intelligence is becoming absent in the world we live in today. Then I take it upon myself to feel the blame ......


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