Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Castlefest 2005

Sunday I've been to Castlefest in the gardens of Castle De Keukenhof in Lisse, a historical fantasy event. There was a lane with booths full of pagan stuff. My friends Whitelight and Vrouw Holda both had a stall. I met a lot of friends and acquaintances. Two of them, Torc & Ivy, celebrated their love and commitment in a handfasting ceremony. I was part of the circle and it was a wonderful and loving ritual. Pictures can be found here.
I bought a celtic tree tapestry (like this one, but in greenish). I want to use it with other tapestries I bought before in my own room (when the rebuilding downstairs is done). I also bought a beautiful little bottle, made of glass with a pattern in it.
I was very tired when I got home (still am), but it was worth it! I had a great day! My pictures are in an online album.

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