Thursday, August 25, 2005


Another new body experience for me... I'm on a role! :-)
Yesterday I had a professional massage. No sportmassage, no physiotherapy or something... a wellness massage! I never thought I'd have the nerve for it, but again the opportunity presented itself. The circumstances were reassuring enough for me to take the plunge: in the comfort of my own living room and done by a dear friend I trust. Still I was nervous; not afraid, but insecure about my body and very vulnerable. Luckily that feeling disappeared soon after the start. I managed to 'surrender' myself and really enjoyed it! The approach was firm but never painful, on the contrary. I felt like in the dozy state before I fall asleep, very pleasant. Afterwards I felt refreshed and at ease. So if you ever want or need to pamper yourself, I can highly recommend a massage!
My friend's website (in Dutch) is here.


  1. I have therapuetic massage done about once every month or two. It is a nice treat for myself, wish I could do it more often!

  2. Good for you! I'd love to have it done more often too.

  3. Anonymous29/8/05 21:09

    I booked a wellness-holiday in October and I am going to have my first wellness-massages then. I am curious, how I will like it.

  4. Wow, a wellness-holiday..! You deserve nothing less. :-)
    I hope you'll like the massage as much as I do!


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