Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Anno Domini 1407 (2007)

We've had a great vacation in Luxemburg! We left Friday morning to bring the dogs to Gaialynn in Den Bosch, where they would stay for the weekend. Wonder and Luna came later, because Luna had to work in the morning. The other four came late in the afternoon. Then we could finally leave for Luxemburg. We drove with two cars. We made a stop in Maastricht to have dinner in a nice little restaurant called "El Mercado". The food was delicious!

It was already dark when we arrived in the youth hostel in Luxemburg. We put our stuff in the rooms and decided to go up hill to the city centre to look around. It was a steep road, so I had to rest a while when we arrived at the top. It was worthwhile though: the view was great. Luxemburg is a very old and beautiful city. In the centre everything was prepared for the medieval market. There was live music. We sat on the Place d'Armes to have a drink. When we got back we sat outside the hostel for a while, but I was very tired so I went to bed. We slept in bunk beds and the room was very warm, but I slept like a log!

The next morning we woke up early. After breakfast we went up hill again for the medieval market. At one of the first booths I found my dress! There was only one and in my size so I decided on the spot to buy it and put it on immediately. Luna braided my hair. Ron has bought a black shirt in medieval style. The market itself wasn't big, but very interesting. Ron has spent a lot of hours in front of the forge. The smiths were making an ox. I asked whether he could buy it, but it was reserved. They appreciated his interest and attention though so near the end of the market on Sunday they gave him the original!

The entertainment was very good. Street musicians like Die Streuner, Peter Siche und Die Irrlichter, artists like Melania and strong man Georges Christen; I enjoyed all of them! On the podium performances by Omnia (wonderful) and Poeta Magica (great music, as long as the female singer kept her mouth shut).

The booths were very interesting too. This was my favourite one; it looked great and the woman in it was very nice. We also made the group picture in front of her booth. Luna helped a salesman in his stand that made pendants from coins. I bought a lovely wooden box and Wonder and I got the same tree pendant.

Sunday we started the day with a nice walk through the neighbourhood. Luxemburg is so beautiful! It's a real pity we didn't see more. Perhaps next year we can come a day earlier or leave later. The walk was at least something. The weather didn't cooperate as the rain was pouring, but we enjoyed ourselves very much and made lots of pictures. We took an elevator up hill, so I wasn't too tired when we arrived at the market again. Because of the rain we decided to drive back to The Netherlands somewhat earlier. We picked up the dogs at Gaialynn's and arrived home late at night. Very tired but with a great weekend of memories to enjoy for a long time!

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  1. Now you made me sorry I did not stay longer in Luxembourg. Back in 1968 and 1969 I landed in Luxembourg by way of Iceland for my 3 month vacation in Europe but did not think of staying longer than a few minutes to take the train to Paris.


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