Friday, July 06, 2007

Witchy Girls Night: Fire

Yesterday evening I went to Amsterdam for the 9th Witchy Girls Night. The theme was "the element fire". Sorcha had invited Morgana (from Silver Circle and the Pagan Federation) as a guest.
The altar looked beautiful as ever in fiery summer colours. Sorcha had baked the bread in the middle herself. During the ritual we each lit a tealight. We did some energy exercises and talked about what fire means to us. For me it's an ambivalent element. It has always attracted me, but I'm also afraid of it. It stands for passion, love, creativity, energy; but the other side is destruction. Fire is a one-way element: once something is burnt, it can't be turned back into its original form. We performed the creativity part by making fire-inspired paintings on each other with grease paint. Here are some of them. That was fun! We also drew a tarot card; mine was the nine of pentacles. It stands for (the obligation to nourish) artistic gifts and talents, for success, wealth, beauty and love of nature. The other side is solitude and loneliness though.
We had all brought a little gift and put it in Sorcha's cauldron. Before we went home, we took something out. I had bought a little red candle in glass and added a fire blessing; Lothanna picked it. I picked two red peppers in a handmade red bag, made by Luna. I'm drying them to use on my altar; they are too spicy for me to eat!

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  1. wat een prachtig altaar! Ik hou van die kleuren, en ik begrijp wat je bedoelt, met een dubbel gevoel bij Vuur hebben - ik heb precies hetzelfde.
    Die cauldron is overigens ook schitterend - ik ben zelf ook nog opzoek naar zo iets. Nu gebruik ik schaaltjes - ook leuk, maar er waait zo makkelijk iets uit...


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