Thursday, July 31, 2008

TT #86: posts without comments

Thirteen posts without comments
(Yes, I did a TT like this before. It's too hot here to be creative!)

Mainly, I blog for myself, like writing in a diary. Doing it online gives me the chance to share it with others and get comments. I like comments, in all shapes and forms: just a virtual hug, a long story that makes me think, sharing something, a helpful link, etc. Sometimes it's clear why a post gets no comments, sometimes it's a mystery. I gathered the last 13 posts on this blog (starting last week), that didn't get comments. They all open in a new window. If you read them and you want to comment, you're welcome to of course. Just please don't feel obliged to do so, that's not my intention. No cause for complaint about comments. :-)

How about you? Do you need/like/love comments, do you care at all? Do you leave a comment when you visit a blog? Do you always answer questions on yours?


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  1. What really annoys me is when you comment about someone's TT and they do not reciprocate. I don't care if you don't like the post or not. I will admit, I could care less about soccer. Great idea.

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. I write essentially for myself. But as a writer, it is always good to get comments. Feedback is so important. So yes, I love comments. But they have to be deserved - not just because of your writing, but because of your own willingness to visit other bloggers and comment.
    It isn't always possible, but I try my hardest to visit any blogger who visits me.

  3. This is such a clever idea. If I weren't in the middle of cooking dinner and commenting and folding clothes, I'd certainly stop by and read what you have in your 13.

    My 13 is posted...drop by and have a laugh or two! Won't you?

  4. I love getting comments on my blog. I don't buy it when bloggers say they don't care if anyone reads their blog or comments on it. My feeling is that if they didn't care, they would put down their thoughts in a personal diary instead of the Internet.

    I usually leave comments when I read other blogs. However, I only leave comments when I have something meaningful to say.

    With the exception of generic comments (for example, "Interesting list, happy TT"), I try my best to respond to the comments that people leave on my blog. It may take a few days, but I do what I can. If someone asks me a question, I make it a point to answer them no matter what. Sometimes I will do it in the comments section of my blog or I will email them directly.

    I hope it cools down in the Netherlands for you.

  5. I rarely ever "lurk" when I read someone's post. I try to comment at least something, because I know I like to receive comments too.

    I ALWAYS comment on someone's TT, especially if they visit me first. :)

  6. Great choice for TT! mine' s up too hope you can drop by... Happy TT!

  7. You've opened up an interesting discussion about blog comments, Tink! I agree with what's been said here.

  8. I think half the internet is on vacation right now. Happy TT.

  9. I love this idea! And yes I love when folks comment...even if they just say that 'like it,' 'agree', 'showing love.' I don't need affirmation everytime someone visits my blog but it's nice to know that someone not only stopped by but they noted what I was doing.

  10. Anonymous31/7/08 04:17

    I'm coming back - I promise.
    Right now I'm collecting 13 TTs that I've read and commented on, so I have to be moving along. But I'll be back to read your posts.
    I've just started to get into this commenting thing - maybe a lot of people don't leave comments because they're afraid of how they'll sound? I was...

  11. I never expect comments unless it's a TT or a Sunday Scribblings and I have commented on others's blogs. The rest of my blogging is for my family. They love to read it and keep up; I don't expect anybody else to give a care what cute thing my granddaughter said today. Most of my family doesn't comment (a faithful daughter does, and a cousin)but my mom tells me everytime she sees me how much she loves the blog...That makes all my writing worth it. Comments/Schmomments.

  12. I think sometimes people forget we have lives outside of blogging that take us away from this cyber world, which rightfully must come first.

    When I visit blogs I always read and leave my thoughts, and if I cannot answer the question I am honest to say so.

    Sure it is annoying when you visit others and it is not reciprocated - but then we must remember we do not know what is going on in others lives so I try not to take it too seriously if I do not get a lot of response.

    My 34th TT is up: 13 comments you can make to your physician while he's performing a colonoscopy on you. Here's the link.

  13. Anonymous31/7/08 08:35

    I love comments on the blog I pimp out to everyone. I have a second blog that is public, anyone could find it if they wanted to, but it's the darker side of me and I don't need comments posted about what a freak I can be sometimes.

  14. I love comments, I enjoy seeing others post and try to find something to comment about, and try to say more than "great post" but some times I am not sure what to say, so that is it. Kinda stupid I know but I like to know people took the time on my blog to say hey there I looked at your blog! Kim Hey Great Post!

  15. i confess i love comments. i sometimes obsess about them. i keep my email open and watch the inbox for notice of their arrival.

    but i also understand why they are so rare outside of meme posts. they are often so time consuming. for me anyway with my visual impairment and my tendency to blather on and on once i get started.

    i typically spend an average of 15-20 minutes on a single comment. that adds up fast. when i visit tt which have 20-60 comments i am left wondering how do they manage to reciprocate all of those.

    i am trying to learn the art of the flyby single sentence comment but it doesn't fit me all that well. lol.

    when i leave comments on non-meme posts it is typically because the topic is something i personally relate to in some way such that i feel i have something of substance to say. like the one i just left on your shadow dancing post.

    obviously this was a good tt. quite thot provoking. thanx for visiting

  16. I love comments. I like to see what others think of what I post. I always answer questions and leave comments too. It is fun and I enjoy the interaction.


  17. I always comment when I visit a blog otherwise I wouldn't open it. But sometimes I don't have enough time to visit them all, that's the problem.
    But you too, don't answer on my comments sometimes, my dear, lol !

  18. I am like you in that sometimes I am disappointed that a post didn't get a comment, then I'm floored when a comment shows up on another post.

    My posts are photos, and the ones that touch my heart don't necessarily touch anything for other people at times!

    Do I respond to every comment on my blog, no. Sometimes I just don't know what to say. If a specific question is asked, tho, I do answer, even if I don't know the answer. Some comments lead me to other blogs and I comment there. I do try to always answer comments tho, but if I stare at the page for more than five minutes with nothing to say, I move on.

    I don't always leave a comment on something I read, because sometimes I have nothing more to say than 'Good post', and so many of us view that as comment spamming.

    I don't do a lot of these meme's because as I started with PhotoHunters, I have learned that it's hard to always come up with something. Plus, with my blog being a photoblog, I don't want to fill it with a bunch of stuff that isn't related to my photos.

  19. Very interesting idea.

    Neat blog, BTW.

  20. In case anybody is interested ;) My TT is here:

    It's a group blog, so I'm not always the one doing the TT.

  21. Anonymous31/7/08 17:14

    hmmm, comments. I can live with or without it :) I think if someone leave a comment, that must be because s/he are interested to the topic. I'm not frequently leave comment to every blog that I visit, but I try to recipro any comment :)

  22. I write for myself too, but sometimes feel a little alone out in the huge internet world!

    Happy TT!

  23. Back again to say thanks for visiting my TT.

    Also, just FYI, I left a comment to post #13 on your list.

  24. Anonymous31/7/08 20:59

    I like when people comment. It gives me an idea on what they're thinking. Some people blog-hop but don't bother to leave comments. Truly sad.

  25. I will admit that I love comments. And I try to comment on other blogs. If I don't it's usually because I have no interest in the post or I'm repelled by it.

    Come see me here.

  26. What an interesting idea for a T-13 … and if I had time, I’d click on one or more … perhaps leaving you additional comments, but (alas) I’m crunched for time and trying to do what I can to catch up … taking a quickie blogging break before I tackle the next thing on my ‘to do’ list. Like most bloggers, I love comments but I confess I write more for my own reasons. Actually, I ‘mused’ about blogging for my T-13 this morning in my own way … but I’m not sure I know which posts have comments and which don’t. Maybe one day I’ll check … or not.
    Hugs and blessings,

  27. Anonymous1/8/08 01:58

    i looooove comments, but NONE of my blog posts get comments except TT and WW, when i go out and comment on 72 peoples' blogs and get about a dozen comments in return!

  28. Anonymous1/8/08 14:38

    Hmm - I blogged recently about the etiquette of leaving comments on blogs I read (and commenting on the comments) - I love comments of course - we all do - but ya know sometimes there's just nothing to say and "Hi been here" doesn't seem useful or fun.

  29. Anonymous2/8/08 04:36

    There is an award waiting for you at my blog. I read your blog regularly and enjoy it. So I decided to pass along an award.

    With aloha and a big smile,

  30. I always read your blog because I really enjoy it but I haven't always left comments. Now that I know you enjoy comments, I'll start leaving more.
    I always answer comments on my blog after a couple of days and I always visit whoever comments and reciprocate.


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